Introducing Classy Studio: Unleash Your Online Fundraising Potential


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Build Something That Changes the World

Take advantage of a creative opportunity to engineer the world for good with the Classy API. Enrich supporter experiences, integrate with the best-in-class tools you love, and develop the most supportive technology for your organization with the power of the Classy platform.

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A Giving Experience Platform Connecting Supporters to Causes They Care About


Custom dashboards & visualizations

Gain insight into your campaigns and supporters to proactively shift your fundraising strategy with data-driven decisions.


Leaderboards & visible metrics

Add a competitive edge to your campaigns with leaderboards, supporter numbers, and thermometers.


Third-party integrations

Build custom integrations between Classy and other products or services you use and love.


Unique supporter experiences

Control your own signup process so a supporter never leaves your site or app to start a fundraising page.


Team management

Manage your administrators and team members from other services and integrations.


Offline donation management

Manage offline donations with less hassle by importing offline donations in bulk.

Whether you are just starting to fundraise online, or you are looking to diversify your online fundraising, Classy has the fundraising solution you need to raise more money and advance your mission.

Turn web visitors into donors before they leave.

Get pop-up functionality, abandoned cart notifications, and more with Classy’s Donation Forms. Request your demo today:

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