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Refine Existing Tactics

For the majority of organizations, the best course of action was to double down on existing strategies. This group included 52% of all organizations. We used a number of methods to assess how much each variable changed, and each analysis indicated these organizations had minimal changes in how they fundraised. Rather than reinvent the wheel, they iterated on their approach to maximize their results.

How Rise Against Hunger Doubled Down on Donor Touch Points to Grow 176 Percent Year Over Year

Rise Against Hunger joined the Classy family in 2015 with a mission and a simple donation page. Their team is working to end hunger by 2030 through providing food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable.

The organization grew steadily over the next few years and expanded their use of Classy to include custom campaigns targeted for specific seasons or efforts. Fast forward a few years and the organization was utilizing crowdfunding campaigns, ticketed events, and general donation pages on Classy, but found they were ready to take their fundraising to the next level.

In 2017, Rise Against Hunger’s fundraising goals were to diversify the types of campaigns they were running, hone their communications, and track donors’ referral paths to determine their best donor acquisition channels. The desired outcome of these efforts was to grow their revenue generated on Classy by 10 percent by 2018.

But Rise Against Hunger didn’t just grow by 10 percent in 2017. Instead they grew by 176.42 percent, going from a revenue total of $544,819 to $1,505,990 raised on Classy in 2017. What’s even more impressive is that they saw this tremendous growth with minimal changes to their fundraising strategy. They didn’t perform a complete overhaul or spend thousands on advertising - they simply refined their existing tactics.


“We really honed in on our communications tactics,” Individual Giving Manager Ashleigh Kincaid shared with us.

In prior years, we would run a year-end email campaign and send an email or two for other large things going on within the organization, but we got really impact-focused with our communications in 2017. We ran four campaigns each with their own email series that included impact stats, stories of our beneficiaries, and videos and photos of the communities we serve around the world. We wanted valuable content to drive the ask, instead of the donation ask driving the content. Ashleigh Kincaid, Individual Giving Manager

The team used this email outreach strategy for their highest priority campaigns of the year—World Food Day, Giving Tuesday, Year-End Giving, and for their Global Emergency Response Fund during the 2017 hurricane season. The results of these efforts were a clear success from both a donation volume and engagement standpoint.

We completely blew our end-of-year goals and expectations out of the water in 2017. With a matching gift from Kraft-Heinz on Giving Tuesday, we were able to raise 100,000 meals in 24 hours, which is an equivalent of about $30,000. For our end-of-year giving campaign, we set a goal of $30,000, which was consistent with years past, and we raised $75, 278 on Classy for our end-of-year giving campaign alone. Ashleigh Kincaid, Individual Giving Manager


In addition to their nurture efforts, Rise Against Hunger focused on making it simple for their vast network of staff, corporate partners, and volunteers to donate as well.

Our warehouse staff is spread out in 21 locations across the U.S. and have direct contact with over 400,000 volunteers every year. They are a great resource in getting our campaign messages to those individuals, whether we are raising money for a recent hurricane or a school feeding program in Africa. Ashleigh Kincaid, Individual Giving Manager

Rise Against Hunger took an already valuable segment of their supporter base, their large group of volunteers, and found a way to increase their involvement and impact with the organization. "We also work closely with our marketing team to ensure that our messaging is on-point, photos and design elements are beautiful and the story of our campaign is delivered through all available channels," Ashleigh said.

Another low-lift strategy to exponentially increase donations is to cultivate relationships with corporate sponsors or potential partners. Rise Against Hunger leveraged matching gift technology for a win-win situation.

"We have a large corporate base at Rise Against Hunger and a lot of donors come to know us as volunteers first, packaging meals with their company for their corporate social responsibility programs.

"In November 2017, we implemented Amply, a matching gift technology that plugs into Classy and allows our corporate contacts to automatically submit for their companies to match the donations [employees] give through Classy. For very little spent in time or money, we’re able to provide donors with an easy way to have their gifts matched, resulting in a great experience for them and more revenue for us. We’ve seen about a 25 percent increase in matched gifts since implementing Amply and we are excited to see that number continue to grow." - Ashleigh Kincaid, Individual Giving Manager

In 2017 Rise Against Hunger served 1,404,110 people in 74 countries for a total of 407,047,176 total meals packaged.

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