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3 Reasons to Upgrade to Classy for Salesforce Version 6 Right Now


By Terri Harel

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Over a quarter of our nonprofit partners leverage the Classy for Salesforce integration to supercharge their fundraising, programmatic, and management efforts. Today, we’re excited to announce an upgrade to the integration that aligns with Classy’s major theme over the last year: rebuild it all from the ground up.

Why Rebuild?

Investing in better code allows our team to release more valuable features for a wider range of nonprofit partners.

The Classy for Salesforce team dedicated the whole year to building a more efficient, flexible, and agile integration. Classy for Salesforce now makes use of the new Classy API and is tailored for use with the new Fundraising Suite.

This powerful set of information highways lets Classy for Salesforce engineers build in tandem with all our engineering teams as new data points stream from Classy directly to Salesforce.

3 Reasons to Upgrade

1. Compatibility With the new Fundraising Suite

Classy for Salesforce users who upgrade to Version 6 will get the most out of new Fundraising Suite campaigns and future Classy releases. Real-time sync and access to features only available on new Fundraising Suite campaigns are the top reasons for any organization to make the switch.

Classy’s engineering team is fully focused on actively developing and expanding the new Classy API, the new Fundraising Suite (including upgraded Events), and Classy Pay. Altogether, the full suite enables nonprofits to fundraise in new ways and strengthen their supporter experience. To maximize revenue and retention, we recommend that data be readily available in your Salesforce instance.

2. Save Time Deduping Contacts

Version 6 integrates directly with Salesforce’s Duplicate Management tool to create what we’re calling “enhanced contact matching.” While Salesforce’s tool is extremely efficient and powerful, Classy for Salesforce goes a step further to automate the contact matching process. Our integration uses custom logic to handle any duplicates, so you do not need to manually select from the list of contacts Salesforce presents to you.

Some benefits of using our enhanced contact matching automation and Salesforce’s Duplicate Management tool together include:

  • Efficient handling of large data sets
  • Fuzzy matching, so you can even weed out duplicates based on nicknames or alternative street addresses
  • Automatic contact matching handled by Classy for Salesforce

3. Custom Salesforce Configurations

We recognize that organizations use Salesforce in many different ways. Version 6 provides solid out-of-the-box functionality to organizations who need it but, at the same time, empowers those who need to build out unique workflows.

If your organization needs to be a custom application on top of the integration, we now offer SDKs (software development kits) for Salesforce developers. (It isn’t publically available, but if you’re interested you can reach out to your account manager.) The new Classy for Salesforce codebase runs in the background, so it does not interfere with setups that involve lots of customization. Organizations can build custom Salesforce user interfaces, or even custom fundraiser experiences that run through Salesforce but are powered by Classy’s Single Sign On technology.

SDKs let organizations build custom and build quickly, without needing to take a deep dive into API documentation. The kits contain all the code your developers need to get started.

Software to Automate and Grow

At a time when organizations are more motivated than ever to try new things and processes to improve retention and grow impact, this upgrade gives organizations a host of features to help them along their journey.

Salesforce is a leading constituent relationship management platform with a wealth of apps to power every part of a nonprofit’s operations. We’ve heavily invested in the Salesforce platform to provide users a holistic and useful ecosystem for every part of a nonprofit’s operations. With the release of Version 6’s new set of rails, we’re excited by the speed and agility with which nonprofits can automate and scale using both Classy and Salesforce.

Interested in the Classy for Salesforce Integration? Read our documentation or learn more about the integration.

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