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Crowdfunding campaign examples for desktop and mobile screens highlighting donate conversion points for both pages
Give Your Cause the Spotlight It Deserves
Use Classy Crowdfunding to power giving days, recurring giving programs, capital campaigns, disaster relief, and more. Create evergreen giving microsites to let your supporters choose how to get involved with your cause, or quickly spin up campaigns to respond to urgent needs.
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Crowdfunding page example highlighting branded thank you emails and beautifully custom and personalized templates

Your Brand First, Always

  • Create beautiful campaigns with clicks, not code
  • Engage donors with fully branded receipts and emails
  • Build unique campaign templates and personalize with images, videos, and text
  • Elevate your campaign with custom HTML and CSS
Examples of impact block with how donations are used and an activity wall with money raised and instant thank yous to donors

Engage Your Donors

  • Use impact blocks to show how donation dollars correlate to impact
  • Personally thank donors in real time through the campaign activity wall
  • Delight supporters with donation dedications and branded eCards
  • Empower donors to personalize their giving through program designations
Mobile-optimized crowdfunding page example that showcases preset custom donation amounts & suggested donation amounts

Maximize Donor Conversion

  • Meet supporters on any device with mobile-optimized campaign pages
  • Create tailored, impactful asks with customized preset donation amounts
  • Create a smoother giving experience with prefilled suggested donation amounts
  • Build trust and increase conversion rates with white-labeled URLs
Crowdfunding campaign reporting dashboard example showing metrics such as total amount raised and individual supporter data

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

  • Access quick campaign health metrics to track total donations, volume of recurring gifts, and more
  • Sort, search, filter, and save custom reports to share with your team
  • Segment your supporters based on giving history to create personalized outreach strategies
  • Access recommended reports surfaced by our data science team to convert more recurring donors

A Crowdfunding toolkit for the modern nonprofit

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Secure and Stable

We maintain a safe environment for donor data with Level 1 PCI compliance and SSL Security, built on Amazon Web Services.

Sponsor matching icon

Sponsor Matching

Add sponsors to your campaign, and allow them to contribute to or match your supporters donations.

Payment processing icon

Flexible Payment Processing

Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and select from WePay, Braintree, and Authorize.Net as your processor.

Open API and integrations icon

Open APIs and Integrations

Connect Classy to your favorite apps, or leverage our award-winning open API to build your own integrations.

Anatomy of a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign resource guide cover
Free Guide

How to Launch a Stellar Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is one of Classy’s most versatile fundraising types. This guide walks you through the core features of Classy Crowdfunding, and then dives deep into five creative use cases to show how you can put them into practice.

Hold firm creative control over your brand and message as you learn to:

  • Create a beautifully designed page in Classy
  • Tell a story that moves supporters to action
  • Make use of Classy’s impact blocks and email features
  • Design brand-centric, story-driven campaigns
  • Rally supporters to your cause and drive donations to fuel your mission
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Crowdfunding Campaigns We Love

Make your cause stand out with a campaign designer that puts your brand first. Classy Crowdfunding allows you to build mobile-ready, customizable landing pages that are optimized to increase donor engagement. You get world-class design and engagement tools right out of the box. Finally, a powerful platform that puts your cause first and gives it the attention it deserves.

Water4’s Defy Impossible Campaigncampaign image
Water4’s Defy Impossible Campaign

Water4 is dedicated to eradicating the world’s water crisis by putting solutions in the hands of the men, women, and children it affects most. The “Defy Impossible” campaign asks supporters to contribute $35 to bring safe water access to one person. We love the bold design of this campaign, from the hero image to the infographics that educate readers about the water crisis and Water4’s mission.

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Cleveland Clinic’s Giving Tuesday Campaigncampaign image
Cleveland Clinic’s Giving Tuesday Campaign

The Cleveland Clinic is a leading nonprofit academic medical center providing clinical and hospital care, and a leader in research, education, and health information. Their “Giving 2XsDay” campaign highlights a sponsor match and asks supporters to donate as part of the Giving Tuesday movement. We love this campaign’s creative name, conversion-inspiring straightforward design, and Impact Blocks that share information about the Clinic’s vital programs.

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To Write Love On Her Arms’s TWLOHA Blue Campaigncampaign image
To Write Love On Her Arms’s TWLOHA Blue Campaign

To Write Love On Her Arms is a nonprofit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. The TWLOHA Blue campaign is their recurring giving program, inviting supporters to give monthly in support of TWLOHA’s outreach and programs for those struggling with mental health. We love this campaign’s strong branding with the blue theme carried throughout, as well as the way they highlight donation incentives and the program’s founding members.

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Galileo School’s Campus Vision Campaigncampaign image
Galileo School’s Campus Vision Campaign

The Galileo School for Gifted Learning is a tuition-free public charter school dedicated to nurturing the unique gifts of each student. The Campus Vision Capital Campaign asks supporters to contribute towards new buildings and facilities that enable the school to grow. We love this campaign’s use of the featured media section and their personal approach to the Impact Blocks, where they highlight the dreams of their students and Galileo’s role in their development.

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Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano’s Nourish 365 Campaigncampaign image
Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano’s Nourish 365 Campaign

The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano feeds 180,000 individuals every month and raises public awareness of issues related to food and hunger. The Nourish 365 Campaign is their recurring giving program, inviting supporters to make a monthly contribution in support of their programs. We love how they lay out the importance of recurring giving and use the Impact Blocks to draw a clear connection between dollars donated and impact on the ground.

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Team Rubicon’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Campaigncampaign image
Team Rubicon’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Campaign

Team Rubicon utilizes the skills and experiences of military veterans to rapidly deploy emergency response teams in response to natural disasters and humanitarian crises. This creative campaign, launched in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, provides a unique donation incentive thanks to Team Rubicon’s corporate partnership with Garrison Brothers Distillery. We love the creative donation incentive, urgent calls to action, and Impact Blocks that spell out exactly how donations are used on the ground.

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