Nonprofit Payment Processing

A payment processing solution built exclusively for nonprofits.


Modern Nonprofit Payment Processing

Introduce digital wallets, mobile payments, and bank transfers with Classy Pay. It’s now simpler than ever to get funds fast and manage your payment processing from start to finish. A seamless integration with Stripe brings you low-cost processing fees, industry-leading fraud prevention, automatic credit card updating, and more. Low processing fees and no hidden charges ensure you’re spending more money where it matters most—your mission.

Save Time
and Money

  • Credit card and ACH transactions reduce processing rates
  • Daily cash-out let you access your funds faster
  • All transaction data lives in your Classy account to easily reconcile payments and deposits
Example of a Classy Pay payout report with all transaction data

“Classy Pay ended our fraudulent transactions and sped up our weekly reconciliation process. We always appreciate anything that puts time back in
our day!”

Operation Broken Silence
Supporter profile example that has been verified

Prevent Fraud

  • Industry-leading fraud protection secures transactions
  • Stripe Radar is built directly into the payment flow and automatically detects and blocks fraudulent payments
  • Stronger security with fewer false positives provides ease of mind for you and your donors

Recurring Gifts

  • Classy Pay’s automatic credit card updater works behind the scenes with card networks to update payment details when a card expires or is lost or stolen, so your fundraising never misses a beat
  • The average monthly recurring gift made with ACH (e-check) is 55% larger than those made with a credit card*

* Classy Platform Data

Recurring gift example in Classy's recurring donors report that shows successful transactions
Donation page example with the option to give through mobile wallet

Get Innovative

  • We’re focused on building more flexible payment options so your donors can donate how, when, and where they want
  • Classy Pay supports payments by credit card, ACH, and digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay

Be a Leader in
Modern Giving

  • Create a supporter-centric payment process backed by real-time results and experiences from thousands of nonprofits
  • Feel confident with technology that drives reliable revenue, new supporters, and donor retention

Switching Is Easy

If you're a current Classy customer and are interested in switching from your current payment processor to Classy Pay powered by Stripe, talk to your Classy Rep today to get started.

Talk to your Classy Rep to learn more about Classy Pay powered by Stripe.

Sign up for Classy Pay powered by Stripe in Classy Manager.

Once verified, enter your bank account details in Classy Manager to ensure prompt fund disbursement.

See the Classy Advantage

Classy supports the following payment processing solutions to accept donations and process payments online: Classy Pay, WePay,, and Braintree.

Processor Fees
2.2% + $0.30 for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover

+1% for American Express
2.2% + $0.30 for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover

+1% for American Express
Specific to the merchant account
2.2% + $0.30 for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover

+1.05% for American Express + 1% for International
Other Costs (Non-Fees)
$49 Setup Fee

$25 Monthly gateway fee
Checkout with PayPal button available with a predetermined PayPal transaction fee
Merchant of Record
Your Nonprofit
Your Nonprofit
Your Nonprofit
Your Nonprofit
Frequency of
Fund Deposits Daily, weekly, or monthly
Daily, weekly, or monthly
Daily, weekly, or monthly
2-3 Business Days for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. 3-5 Business Days for American Express.
Classy Transaction Fees
Collected at the time of checkout
Collected at the time of checkout
Invoiced monthly
Invoiced monthly
Self-Service Donor Tools
Donors may update billing information through the Classy Supporter Profile
Donors may update billing information through the Classy Supporter Profile
Donors may update billing information through the Classy Supporter Profile
Donors may update billing information through the Classy Supporter Profile
Fraud Prevention
Stripe Radar fraud prevention and monitoring services included
Dedicated Trust & Safety Team that monitors all account activity
Fraud filters that must be adjusted within the merchant account
Fraud filters that must be adjusted within the merchant account
Setup Time Frame
Same day
Same day
3-5 business days
US: 2 weeks

Canada: 3-6 weeks
$15 per chargeback
No chargeback fee
$25 per chargeback
$15 per chargeback
ACH Payments
1% + $0.30
Not Supported
Not Supported
Not Supported


What support is available for organizations using Classy Pay?

The Classy Care team is standing by to help out with any questions relating to Classy Pay payments or disbursements. You can find answers to commonly asked questions in our support center, or click here to get in contact with the Care team. And as always, you can monitor the health of all Classy systems on our status page.

I have recurring donations processing on another payment processor. Can I migrate them to Classy Pay?

Absolutely. We encourage you to migrate your recurring donors over to Classy for two reasons: a) it keeps all your online giving in one place, and b) we’ve built the Classy platform with donor retention and engagement top of mind. Our Professional Services team will partner with you along every step of the migration. We provide a template of the fields required for the migration, work with you to correct any issues with the data, and facilitate the re-tokenization process. Finally, we provide metrics on how those recurring donations are processing for the two weeks following the migrations.

How does Stripe Radar work?

Stripe Radar automatically detects and blocks fraudulent payments using the power of machine learning to evaluate each payment’s risk level in real time by tapping into data from Stripe’s global network of millions of businesses.
When a business using Stripe sees a new card for the first time, there’s an 89% chance that Stripe Radar has previously seen the card elsewhere on the Stripe network. This data all feeds into our fraud modeling, along with card blacklists from Stripe’s financial partners.
Adding these additional signals to identify fraud helps businesses reduce fraud by up to an additional 25% over other fraud prevention methods.

What are the fees for using Classy Pay?

Credit card transactions are processed at 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction for Visa, Discover, and Mastercard transactions.
For American Express transactions, the fees are 3.2% + $0.30.
ACH transactions are processed at a rate of 1% + $0.30 per transaction.

There are no setup costs, maintenance costs, or support fees for Classy Pay.
Additional charges may apply, including platform subscription and transaction fees.

Who can use Classy Pay?

Any US-based 501c3 organization with a Classy Pro Lite, Pro, or Enterprise plan can use Classy Pay to process payments online.

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