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Manage Nonprofit Chapters With Connected Accounts

Classy makes managing a nonprofit chapter easier. Easily collaborate and raise funds across chapters, affiliates, locations, regions, or any distributed or tiered nonprofit structure.

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The Easiest Way for Complex Nonprofit Team Structures to Work Together

Empower your chapters, teams, volunteers, or ambassadors to raise more money by giving them the freedom of their own sub-accounts. Create unique campaigns and events, manage a specific set of donors, and even route funds to separate bank accounts.

Roll-up Reporting

With specific permission levels, administrators can quickly and easily view data across select accounts in one single, unified view.

Extended Search

Administrators can search for campaigns, transactions and fundraising pages or teams across multiple accounts at once.

Campaign Templating

Create a campaign template with locked down branding and text elements that can be used across all Classy accounts.

Unlock Potential With Connected Accounts

  • Set granular levels of access for team members to view data, edit supporter and transaction information, and create and manage campaigns
  • Allow team members to bounce around to the accounts they have access to and their permissions will dictate their level of visibility
  • Query for fundraising data, transaction history, and supporter records across multiple accounts and pull it all into one unified view with roll-up reporting
  • Filter for the exact data you are looking for to create a holistic report, or use the extended search functionality to search for supporters and transaction records across multiple Classy accounts
  • Save time and ensure consistency across your operations by creating a campaign template and sharing it with your connected accounts
  • Lock down specific elements and easily identify the fields that need to be updated for your campaign series
  • Learn, iterate, and scale your fundraising

See Connected Accounts in Action on Classy

Envision just how your nonprofit organization can raise more with connected accounts.

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