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Your donor dashboard solution

Empower supporters and scale retention with our centralized, self-serve hub.

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Unify your supporter experience

Unlock a complete view of your supporters and enable them to own their donations, fundraising, and impact with our comprehensive donor dashboard.

Recurring management

Donors can independently adjust their recurring plans by modifying the amount or payment method and pausing, reactivating, or canceling.

Campaign control

Encourage fundraisers to manage their campaigns, enabling them to promote your cause within their communities and garner additional support.

Branded experiences

Create a back-end experience that feels like an extension of your website to help connect supporters with your mission at every touch point.

Manage your campaigns with ease

  • Highlight supporters’ giving journeys and offer self-service tools to update payment details, access receipts, and more
  • Simplify recurring donation management by enabling donors to pause, reactivate, and resume donations at any time
  • Connect with supporters through a personalized welcome message, captivating hero image, and incorporation of your brand’s distinctive colors and logo
  • Ease administrative tasks, freeing up time for fundraising and engaging supporters
  • Utilize Magic Links for a secure, hassle-free login experience
  • Streamline access by removing the frustration of forgotten passwords
  • Enhance security and user convenience with Magic Links authentication, eliminating the need for password management altogether
  • Automate the distribution of year-end giving statements to all supporters
  • Empower supporters with self-access to personalized statements offering a unified view of both one-time and recurring donations
  • Create additional touch points to communicate impact and express gratitude
  • Get to know your donors better with custom questions
  • Facilitate heartfelt expressions with dedications and e-cards
  • Foster a sense of community and social responsibility with a campaign activity wall
  • Automate and personalize campaign emails with merge tags, powered by Classy Studio
“In Classy, I can very easily see exactly who is giving, how they’re giving, and from where—all at my fingertips. It makes things faster for us so we can keep it moving and feed more people every day.”
– Emmett Findley, Director of Marketing & Communications


Why should my nonprofit provide supporters with a donor dashboard?

Your donors engage and give across multiple fronts, and they need a central portal where they can manage their teams, pages, and recurring plans. Integral to a comprehensive fundraising platform, it enables seamless experiences that strengthen your brand, message, story, and impact.

Is Classy right for my supporter management needs?

Our next-generation Supporter Center offers nonprofits and supporters an enhanced experience, fostering deeper connections with your mission and improving the end-to-end donor journey through additional self-service tools.

Can donors email themselves an end-of-year giving statement?

After sending your end-of-year giving statement through Classy, donors can easily request another copy via their Supporter Center.

What security and scalability measures does Classy have in place?

Classy builds security into the foundation of all our products and services.

Our comprehensive approach includes governance, continuous scanning and monitoring, and robust infrastructure. Our dedicated team receives regular training to stay updated with the latest security practices and threats.

We’re a PCI DDS Level 1 service provider that utilizes industry best practices like the OWASP Top 10. We use Cloudflare for protection and partner with Stripe, PayPal, and Coinbase for secure payments.

Learn more about our security and scalability here.

Enhance your end-to-end donor experience

Empower and retain more supporters with our self-serve donor dashboard.

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