A Smarter Way to Fundraise: Explore Classy’s Fundraising Intelligence Suite

Comprehensive fundraising platform for food banks

Recognizing the importance of community in your work, Classy helps your food bank strengthen donor connections through world-class technology and hands-on coaching. We’re committed to supporting your organization, just as we do with over 70 other food banks.

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Respond quickly in times of need

When a pandemic, natural disaster, or economic crisis hits, food banks are looked upon first to help their local communities.

Being able to quickly and easily respond with beautiful, branded campaigns that keep your story front and center is imperative to collecting the resources you need to best serve your beneficiaries.

Read how Food Bank for NYC did just that.

Offer supporters more ways to give

Offering the right giving experience to each individual is critical to retaining support through monthly giving and other planned giving options, and raising awareness of your cause to help establish corporate partnerships with brands that strongly align with your vision.

From direct appeals to crowdfunding, events, and virtual food drive peer-to-peer campaigns, Classy makes it easy for supporters to donate one time or on a recurring basis.

Learn how Feeding San Diego partners with Classy to serve a growing population facing hunger.

Reach the right donors with preferred payment options

With Classy Pay, donors can give the way they prefer, whether through PayPal, Venmo, Crypto, ACH, or a number of other options.

Explore how Capital Area Food Bank achieved extraordinary year-over-year conversion growth with Classy.

Classy is priceless. It’s helping us feed people across San Diego, and there can be no price put on the value of a life.

Feeding San Diego

Food banks feeding the hungry with Classy

Food bank fundraising made simple

Recurring giving

Secure a predictable revenue stream your food bank can rely on to provide fresh, healthy food to the communities you serve.

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Embedded checkout

Reduce friction points by providing visitors with a streamlined, branded donation form without leaving your site.

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Secure donor data

We maintain a safe environment for donor data with Level 1 PCI compliance and SSL Security, built on Amazon Web Services.

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