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Live and Silent Auction Software for Nonprofits

Discover a better way to host charity auctions and raise more for your nonprofit. From mobile bidding to paddle raises, Classy Live makes it easy for your team to set up auctions that allow attendees to bid and pay.

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Boost Fundraising Revenue and Attendee Engagement

Easily build, host, and manage your virtual, hybrid, or in-person auctions on Classy Live with your fundraising goal as the centerpiece.

Motivate Attendees to Bid

Engage attendees with built-in SMS and email messaging to drive bidding. Automated outbid notifications drive attendees to come back and keep bidding.

Raise More

With a mobile responsive bidding page, attendees can easily bid on auction items, buy merchandise, or place donation commitments digitally.

Simplify Payments

Attendees can pay via cash, check or credit-card, and can even checkout through a self-checkout experience.

Unlock Potential With Online Charity Auctions

  • Easily add live auction items, silent auction items, fixed priced items, and paddle raise items all directly within your Classy Live dashboard
  • Live auction items can be promoted in advance of your live event, and the winner can be recorded and sent a receipt to easily pay through self check-out
  • Automate the time your silent auction items close, set the starting bid, and even enable your attendees to “buy now”
  • Open up bidding before your event to maximize your bidding potential
  • Attendees can bid via desktop, SMS, or through their mobile device
  • Automated outbid notifications keep attendees engaged and motivated to bid more
  • “Watch” an item to see bidding activity without having to place a bid
  • Create digital displays to showcase the current bid on specific charity auction items, highlight recent bids, or display your total raised to keep attendees invested
  • Add a paddle raise item to display a program or initiative you are raising direct funds for
  • Preset the donation amounts, or allow attendees to enter a custom amount.
  • Use the “Quick add mode” to rapidly record in-person bidder numbers who commit to donating
  • Automated emails prompt supporters to process their gift through the self-check-out experience
  • Collect credit card information before bidding begins so you can easily process transactions
  • Easily manage and send SMS or email messages to your bidders from your Classy Live dashboard
  • Detailed receipts are emailed instantly prompting attendees to easily pay through the self-checkout experience on any device
  • See who has an outstanding balance and complete transactions with the card on file
  • View the total amount committed and paid to online auction items, fixed priced items, and direct donations to your paddle raiser in one place
  • Quickly see a real-time feed of all the bidding and donation activity
  • Filter your dashboards or quickly access out-of-the-box reports that give you insights into how your online auction is going
  • Easily drill down into items with no bids to promote during your event

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