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Strengthen Your Corporate Partnerships

Use co-branded giving pages, event sponsorships, partner driven events, peer-to-peer fundraising, and employee donation matching to bolster existing partnerships, build new ones, and increase your revenue.

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Create a Scalable Partnership Program

Create a repeatable, mutually-beneficial process for driving direct donations, storytelling, and engaging employees to fundraise to raise more through your partnerships.

Direct Giving

Encourage direct giving with a customized, co-branded crowdfunding campaign that tells your story and celebrates donor impact.

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Event Sponsorships

Create tailored sponsorship packages to include corporate partner branding on your event page, virtual venue, and event swag or auction items.

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Employee Engagement

 Empower employees to fundraise on your behalf with peer-to-peer fundraising and corporate gift matching to make their gifts go further.

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Turn Corporate Partnerships into Sustainable Revenue

  • Create templates for your crowdfunding and employee engagement peer-to-peer campaigns
  • Set editing permissions and lock elements you don’t want partners to edit
  • Onboard new corporate partners with ease and manage all reporting in one place
  • Save time making inevitable updates to your campaigns by editing the template and pushing it out across all child campaigns
  • Empower employees to create their own personalized peer-to-peer fundraising page and engage their network to donate to your nonprofit
  • Foster friendly competition between departments with fundraising teams to see who can raise the most
  • Attract new supporters to your organization through employee’s network
  • Enable partners to host fundraising events—like a 5k walk or run—on your behalf
  • Include partner and sponsor branding on your event pages and throughout your event
  • Enable sponsors to host their own digital booths, engage with attendees, and lead breakout rooms discussions with a virtual venue on Classy Live
  • 67% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gift programs, with that number steadily growing over the last 3 years.
  • Double employee impact by offering gift matching on your donation forms
  • Easily track the performance of gift-matching requests

Join Those Powering Their Partnerships with Classy

Discover why thousands of nonprofits choose Classy to power their corporate partnerships and achieve results that change the world.


What is a corporate partnership?

In general terms, a corporate partnership is where a nonprofit organization forms a mutually-beneficial relationship with a for-profit business. This type of partnership allows the company to support a good cause while simultaneously fueling its own business goals and corporate social responsibility program.

What are some of the top corporate partnership ideas?

The best way to engage corporate partners is to be ready with multiple ways to get involved in your organization. One fun way to get a partner involved is to invite them to host their own event benefiting your organization. Think about a company competition like a kick-ball tournament or race. Another option is a fundraising competition to empower employees to join teams and see who can fundraise the most. The winning team could get a prize. Additionally, it’s always best practice to have a co-branded crowdfunding campaign that the partner can promote to their employees and to their consumers to align their brand with yours and drive direct donations.

How can I involve a partner’s employees in giving?

To maximize involvement, employer’s must make their corporate social responsibility initiatives widely accessible for employees, including peer-to-peer fundraising opportunities, donation matching, or participating in volunteer programs. An employee engagement peer-to-peer campaign is a particularly great way to empower employees to fundraise on behalf of your nonprofit organization. Take it a step further by fostering a friendly competition between departments to see who can fundraise the most.

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Envision how your organizations can raise more with a repeatable partnership playbook.

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