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11 Nonprofit Videos That Inform and Inspire

The combination of images, dialogue, and music makes video a uniquely powerful medium– one capable of capturing our imaginations and touching our emotions. It’s not surprising then, that nonprofits have been effectively leveraging video to communicate with their supporters and the public for a long time. What might be a bit more surprising to the casual observer, however, is the wide variety of ways that nonprofits are using videos to communicate and inspire. We’ve picked out 11 of our favorite nonprofit videos and tried to highlight  a few of the different ways that organizations are using videos to advance their missions.

Let People Know Who You Are

1. The Office of Letters and Light

Short videos are great way to give people insight into what your organization is all about. Take, for example, this video from the Office of Letters and Light. It lets you know exactly what the organization does and also provides a nice glimpse into the character of the organization. You really get a sense of the people behind the video, which is a great way to intrigue people and get them involved with your mission.

2. Falling Whistles

We love this video from Falling Whistles; it powerfully tells the story of how the organization was founded and it connects you to the symbolism behind the organization’s name. It also does a really great job of grabbing you on an emotional level and inviting you to join the movement.

Spreading Awareness

3. The Girl Effect

This video from The Girl Effect, does a wonderful job of presenting the problem the organization is focused on addressing. We’ve categorized it as an awareness-video because it doesn’t really delve into the organization’s programs specifically. Instead, the video focuses on educating the audience on the scope of the wider problem (and the corresponding the opportunity for impact). It then introduces The Girl Effect as a source of the solution and invites viewers to the website to learn more. It’s a very effective video, and with 1.8 million views on YouTube, we’re pretty sure that it has raised a considerable amount of awareness.

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4. Mama Hope

Creating awareness doesn’t have to be a drab or depressing endeavor.This fabulous nonprofit video from Mama Hope uses humor to playfully take aim at media-driven stereotypes of African men. Through its creativity the video helps to deconstruct those stereotypes and to promote the organization’s fundamental message of educational empowerment.

5. Liberty in North Korea

Liberty in North Korea is an organization with video at its heart. Formed to help bring an end to the North Korea crisis, the organization helps to rescue and provide resettlement options for North Korean refugees. LiNK has used documentary videos and private screenings to spread awareness of the situation in North Korea far and wide. This one minute trailer to one of their documentaries nicely demonstrates how the organization uses individual story telling to personalize an issue that remains remote for many people. You can also check out the full documentary over here.

Inspire Action

6. Rainforest Alliance

Sometimes you want to do more than create awareness; you want to inspire action. This incredibly funny and clever video from the Rainforest Alliance urges viewers to take meaningful but manageable action to help preserve our planet’s rain forests.

Tell the Story of Your Impact

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7. Tomorrow’s Youth Organization

It can be hard as a donor to really feel on an emotional level the impact your gift is having. This video from Tomorrow’s Youth Organization beautifully demonstrates how video can help bridge this emotional gap. By telling the story of the life-changing effect the organization’s programs have had for one boy, it draws the viewer in on a deep emotional level. We have to imagine that donors to this nonprofit felt even better about their decision to give after seeing this piece.

8. Robin Hood Foundation

Nonprofit videos don’t have to be elaborate or filled with effects to work well. This video from the Robin Hood Foundation is well produced and clean, but there’s nothing flashy about it. What sticks out is how the Foundation is using video to tell the stories of the beneficiaries of their charitable initiatives. First hand testimonials like this one can go a long way to making your organization’s impact more tangible for supporters.

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Motivate Your Fundraisers

9. charity: water

Every September charity: water launches its big fundraising campaign. The video that accompanies the launch helps to orient and inspire fundraisers to get involved. Apart from the stellar production values and the personalized delivery from charity: water founder Scott Harrison, what we love about this video is the way it makes the goal of the campaign incredibly explicit and tangible for fundraisers. After watching this short video, there’s no doubt what everyone is collectively fundraising for.

Celebrate Wins & Build Community

10. Invisible Children

Just as video can be great for launching a major fundraising campaign, it can also be perfect for wrapping one up. This video from Invisible Children was pushed out to supporters following the massively successful “25” campaign. Not only does the video get you excited about what was achieved, it leaves you feeling energized and ready to tackle the next challenge, whatever that might be!

Personalizing Your Mission

11. Love 146

We briefly noted how the charity: water video was personally delivered by the organization’s founder Scott Harrison. This video from Love 146 takes a similar approach with founder Robb Morris explaining the powerful story of how the organization came to be. By combining the story of the organization with a personal delivery from one of the founders, the video makes the cause more relatable than it otherwise might be.

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