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Fundraising Intelligence for Nonprofits

Explore Classy’s suite of AI and machine learning tools built to predict donor behavior, prescribe smarter fundraising activities, and drive more giving.

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Make Smarter Asks with AI Fundraising Tools

Classy’s fundraising intelligence turns complex donor data into clear donor predictions and recommended next steps for fundraisers.

Asks That Raise More

Increase donation revenue with machine learning (AI) that delivers personalized ask amounts to every donor who visits your donation forms.

Built on Better Data

AI is only as good as its data. Our insights are derived from the Classy and GoFundMe platforms, spanning a community of more than 150M and $30B raised to date.

Scalable & Secure

To maintain the trust and safety of the giving community, our core data principles of security, transparency, and control inform every step of how Classy & GoFundMe build our products.

AI Tools Built on Robust Fundraising Data

Together, Classy and GoFundMe are a global giving platform that supports the largest giving community in the world.

  • Donors aren’t one-size-fits-all. Provide real-time, predictive, and personalized ask amounts for every donor
  • Use machine learning to predict what a donor will most likely give and customize an ask to that individual
  • Increase donation revenue by 11% on average with ask amounts tailored to donors’ unique giving history
  • Enable or disable Intelligent Asks on a per-campaign basis to maintain full control
  • Go beyond donor scores and ratings. Turn predictive insights into smarter fundraising with recommended nurture steps and campaign actions
  • Better understand donors’ giving potential with predictive insights based on their unique giving history and characteristics
  • Spend less time manually segmenting and more time nurturing donor relationships
  • With over $30B raised to date from a community of more than 150M on the GoFundMe & Classy platforms, Supporter Insights is built on a wealth of person-to-nonprofit and person-to-person giving
  • We practice transparency in our data collection, use, and accessibility
  • Whether it’s updating, accessing, or deleting their information, donors are in control
  • Specific donor, campaign, and transaction data is not shared from one nonprofit to another
  • Read more about Classy & GoFundMe’s data privacy policies here
  • Prompt one-time donors to upgrade to a recurring gift for a lasting impact through Recurring Nudges
  • Automatically ask donors to update credit card information after their card expires or is replaced to ensure uninterrupted giving
  • Rest assured that Classy’s fraud detection tools, powered by Stripe Radar, help keep you and your donors safe
  • Retry failed transactions with built-in logic via Classy Pay and automatically notify donors of the retry attempt via email

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What data is Classy using to predict Intelligent Ask Amounts?

The data being used in Classy’s Intelligent Ask Amounts model is a combination of donor giving history, session data (e.g., device type), nonprofit data (e.g., historic campaign performance), and third-party census and population data.

Classy currently leverages much of this data for routine platform tasks like payment troubleshooting and fraud detection.

Is my donor’s or organization’s data being shared with other nonprofits?

No. Specific donor, campaign, and transaction data is not shared across nonprofits.

Any data about how a donor does (or does not) donate on your Classy pages will inform our insights and enable better predictions, but that data is not accessible to any other nonprofits.

What differentiates Classy’s Intelligent Ask Amounts from other ask amounts, like FundraiseUp and Funraise?

AI is only as good as its data.

Intelligent Ask Amounts is built on Classy and GoFundMe’s robust philanthropic data, representing a global community of more than 150M who have raised over $30B. As such, other predictive ask amounts do not have the breadth of insights Classy and GoFundMe have.

Will our donors’ giving history inform the machine learning model that informs other nonprofits’ ask amounts?

Fundraising Intelligence analyzes donor activity across the Classy and GoFundMe platforms. This means donor behavior (primarily of U.S. donors) across all Classy nonprofits and GoFundMe fundraisers is taken into account to inform our insights.

The data we use for Intelligent Ask Amounts is de-identified and secure, meaning that specific donor, campaign, and transaction data from one nonprofit is not shared with other nonprofits.

However, Fundraising Intelligence gets smarter with every transaction in the Classy and GoFundMe platforms. As such, any Classy customer using this feature can benefit from insights about their donors, informed by a donor’s entire philanthropic profile.

What security and scalability measures does Classy have in place?

Classy builds security into the foundation of all our products and services.

Our comprehensive approach includes governance, continuous scanning and monitoring, and robust infrastructure. Our dedicated team receives regular training to stay updated with the latest security practices and threats.

We’re a PCI DDS Level 1 service provider that utilizes industry best practices like the OWASP Top 10. We use Cloudflare for protection and partner with Stripe, PayPal, and Coinbase for secure payments.

Learn more about our security and scalability here.

How are Intelligent Ask Amounts tailored differently for first-time donors than recurring donors?

Intelligent Ask Amounts are tailored to each donor and session, ensuring reliable predictions for repeat donors by leveraging their unique giving history. Classy’s extensive platform and session data also enable reliable predictions for first-time donors.

Can I enable Intelligent Ask Amounts on a per-campaign basis?

Yes. While we recommend enabling Intelligent Ask Amounts for all standard campaign pages, the tool can be enabled or disabled on a per-campaign basis. You’re in full control.

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