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Published January 17, 2023 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Whether a seasoned fundraiser or new to the field, every nonprofit professional needs to keep a pulse on industry trends and best practices. The way donors choose to show support is constantly evolving, so nonprofit organizations must stay on top of everything from technology and social media to marketing and storytelling.

As a best practice, you should have a running list of resources that help keep you up to date on all things nonprofit-sector related. To make it easy, we’ve rounded up a few of the latest industry reports, essential software platforms, and blogs worth consulting as you set or optimize your organization’s strategic planning for the months ahead.

Nonprofit Marketing and Communications

1. HubSpot – HubSpot is an inbound marketing platform. Unlike traditional marketing tactics, like direct mail or cold calling, inbound marketing uses valuable content to attract people to your brand. Whether a nonprofit or a for-profit business, HubSpot’s blogs offer a wealth of smart, valuable tips that any organization can apply to its marketing strategy.

2. The Storytelling Non-Profit – The Storytelling Non-Profit is your go-to when communicating with your donors the stories that can be a powerful tool to spur action. Through various workshops, blog articles, and webinars, this resource offers excellent advice about communicating and making meaningful connections with your donors through expert storytelling.

3. Canva – Canva for Nonprofits brings your message to life with professional-feeling visuals. The platform makes it easy to upload your branding and customize templates for any channel. To get started, check out these eight simple design ideas you can create for free on Canva.

4. – GuideStar is a platform that connects the public with nonprofits. Create your profile to highlight everything your organization offers the community, and eager new donors and potential board members will discover you. Your GuideStar profile also allows you to earn ratings and awards to showcase your incredible work over time.

Nonprofit Community and Sector Trends

5. The Chronicle of Philanthropy – The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a news source that’s a staple in many nonprofit leaders’ stash of go-tos. This source provides a wide range of content that helps organizations across all sectors, with topics spanning from corporate support opportunities to human resources and technology advancements. Check this nonprofit resource daily for current event updates, fundraising tips and trends, and downloadable tools for your organization.

6. Stanford Social Innovation Review – The Stanford Social Innovation Review serves philanthropic, nonprofit, and business leaders looking to solve global issues.

The writers’ academic ability includes innovative ideas and fresh perspectives on social entrepreneurship and nonprofit fundraising.

7. The NonProfit Times – The NonProfit Times is a long-standing news publication and a popular resource for best practices on how to manage your organization.

Its articles delve into industry news and research, as well as offer fundraising, accounting, and daily operational tips for your nonprofit staff. Peruse the content to learn how to strengthen your impact.

8. Nonprofit Quarterly – The Nonprofit Quarterly is a nonprofit resource that offers organizations a range of topics regarding news and trends, organizational management, and development. Find relevant information on everything from current political events to discussions about financial management.

9. Philanthropy News Digest – Philanthropy News Digest, the Foundation Center’s daily news service, rounds up tons of articles from the philanthropic sector. The website also publishes job openings at foundations and nonprofits, as well as daily requests for proposals listings—current funding opportunities offered by foundations or other grantmakers. Check out the site’s opinion and commentary blog, PhilanTopic, for more philanthropy-related content.

10. The State of Modern Philanthropy – The State of Modern Philanthropy is Classy’s annual report that elevates trends in donation activity using proprietary platform data. Our interactive report website shows fundraising professionals the value of implementing multiple campaign types to see long-term fundraising success. Explore over 130 data points across over 54,000 active fundraising campaigns.

11. Why America Gives – Why America Gives is Classy’s annual online donor sentiment report, which explores today’s donors’ motivations, reactions, and expectations. We surveyed over 1,000 US donors to understand where giving will go next and what’s evolved since last year, especially in times of economic fluctuation. Take away valuable insight to form your donor outreach strategies and target specific generations of supporters.

Nonprofit Management and Technology

12. Nonprofit Technology Network – The Nonprofit Technology Network is a community of nonprofit professionals using technology effectively to achieve their missions. Here, you can find a range of nonprofit benchmarks and reports regarding technology usage in the sector, as well as other resources about how to infuse technology into your organizational strategy.

13. – TechSoup is an online community that brings nonprofits, foundations, and libraries the technology solutions needed to maximize efficiency. Check out articles and educational tools on the best use of technology for your organization. You can also access discounted products and services from the community’s various software partners.

14. – NonprofitReady provides support for grant writing with free classes and best practices. Learn everything from acquiring public grants to proposal writing to various funders all in one place.

15. – BoardSource is the recognized leader in nonprofit board leadership research. This board development resource provides leaders with an extensive range of tools, resources, and research data to increase board effectiveness and strengthen organizational impact.

16. Internal Revenue Service – The Internal Revenue Service has everything from incorporating your nonprofit as a 501(c)(3) to filing annual reports for taxes each year as you scale. Get annual filing information and forms by visiting this helpful site when it comes time to get organized.


17. The Fundraising Authority – The Fundraising Authority offers a range of fundraising how-tos and pointers. Find articles on fundraising basics, direct-mail tactics, and donor cultivation to get your nonprofit off the ground.

18. Classy – The Classy blog has everything from fundraising and marketing advice to technology trends and industry insights. Learn how to enhance your donor engagement strategy and modernize your online, peer-to-peer, event, and crowdfunding strategy. Plus, boost your knowledge even further with our free downloadable guideswebinars, and case studies.

Stay Informed With Tried and True Nonprofit Resources

Consider this an online toolkit to help nonprofits thrive. Tap on these blogs and resources to increase your nonprofit knowledge and achieve your mission. The more your nonprofit has at its fingertips, the more well-rounded your fundraising strategies can be to achieve your goals.

For additional resources created specifically for charitable organizations on topics ranging from volunteer management, corporate sponsorship, fundraising best practices, professional development, and so much more, subscribe to the Classy blog.


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