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21 GIFs Every Fundraising Professional Understands

Nonprofit fundraising can be a rollercoaster of emotions, to say the least. Here are 21 moments that capture your fundraising experience. Get ready for all the feels.

1. When a recurring donor’s credit card expires and never gets updated.

angry frustrated

2. When you’re in the middle of crafting an appeal and hit send too early.

3. When an anonymous donor makes a $1,000 gift.

Harry Potter Gif

4. When your board didn’t think peer-to-peer fundraising would work, and you raise $20,000 with your first campaign.

You're Welcome GIF

5. When there’s an hour left and you’re 95 percent to your campaign goal.

blow into bag GIF

6. When you read volunteer surveys saying they weren’t informed about the correct attire or nature of the project.

really GIF
“Maybe you didn’t get my last five emails.”

7. When a celebrity makes a personal fundraising page on behalf of your organization.

seinfeld dance GIF

8. When you’re dealing with restricted funding.

Headbang GIF

9. When your guests bring their friends to your fundraiser.

10. When you’re about to handwrite hundreds of thank you letters.

ready GIF

11. When a donor wants to pay in bitcoin.

confused GIF

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12. When there’s an audiovisual glitch at your fundraising event.

audiovisual GIF

13. When your campaign video gets way more views and shares than you expected.

14. When you spend hours on tedious data entry across multiple fundraising systems.

hurts GIF

15. When a 7-year-old raises $40,000 on behalf of your organization.

16. When a board member finally creates a personal fundraising page.

17. When you attend three staff meetings in a row about the same topic…only to get looped into a fourth.

spin GIF

18. When you blow your campaign goal out of the water with your new fundraising software.

champagne GIF

19. When a grant application is simple and doesn’t require 20 separate attachments for 20 different things.

thank you GIF

20. When you land an awesome sponsorship.

21. When you meet someone impacted by your work, face to face.

cry GIF

Which ones were your favorites? Or add your other favorite fundraising GIFs to the list in the comments below!

  • Kimberly Guzman


    • Elizabeth Chung

      Hahaha thanks for reading and enjoying, Kimberly!! Glad this resonated 😉

  • Jennifer Simmons

    This is about as real as it gets.

    • Elizabeth Chung

      Jennifer, so glad to hear this hit the mark for you. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  • Sirin HassanDamdelen

    Enjoyed it very much. Perfect way to end my Monday 🙂

    • Elizabeth Chung

      Thanks for reading, and for the kind words, Sirin!

  • Brice


    Great story! I came across this article and thought to reach out.

    I publish training material to help Catholic organisations improve their fundraising skills.

    The website is catholicfundraiser.net.

    It might make a nice addition to this page or your work to raise funds for Catholic causes. Either way, keep up the great work!

    PS – Also sharing this across all my networks.

  • Nazarkhan K

    #Awesome. The simplest way to understand “Fundraising”

    • Elizabeth Chung

      Thanks for reading! Glad you agree 🙂

  • Rachel Cox

    There is a tumblr page called “When You Work at a Nonprofit” and it is like this article x100. Spot on, as usual!

    • Elizabeth Chung

      Love that tumblr page, Rachel! Thanks for that, we always love new resources to check out. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Number 8 is so relatable to our ministry!! Made me LOL..

    Ellel Ministries USA

  • Medina Senior Center

    Spot on in all cases ~ thanks for understanding and capturing perfectly!

    • Elizabeth Chung

      Good to hear! Glad you enjoyed!


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