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Announcing a Classy for Salesforce Upgrade and New NPSP-Specific Extension

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Published October 30, 2017 Reading Time: 3 minutes

There are many reasons to ensure a seamless sync between Classy and Salesforce, but high among them are efficiency and data integrity. When you can see and manage your online fundraising data seamlessly alongside your household, contact, and offline donation data (not to mention data from marketing and programs), your staff are set up for success.

Classy’s new Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) extension enables organizations to utilize the full functionality of Classy for Salesforce with direct integration to NPSP custom objects, workflows, and tools, and it provides access to the full breadth of functionality the NPSP has to offer.

Organizations with a high degree of customization in their Salesforce orgs will benefit from a seamless transition, as the NPSP extension is designed to fit easily into existing custom setups without the need for additional implementation work.

Key Feature Improvements

Donation/Opportunity Records

Classy’s new NPSP Extension uses the Primary Contact field to support Hard Credits for the donor. Additionally, it uses Contact Roles to soft-credit additional contacts who helped secure the gift, such as peer-to-peer fundraisers.

Recurring Donations

Create open-ended Recurring Donation records that not only reflect the initial gift, but also match subsequent gifts to the Open Opportunity records auto-generated by the NPSP. This allows for increased data integrity and accurate forecasting of future revenues. All roll-up reporting for recurring donations are supported without the need for additional configuration.

General Accounting Units (GAUs)

GAUs are how the NPSP records program/fund designations for all donations. Classy for Salesforce now supports linking Classy Designations to NPSP GAU records, with customization options to fit your organization’s specific needs. The integration can be configured to link Designations with existing GAU records, create new GAUs for each new Designation created in Classy, or bucket all designations under a single GAU record.


Allocations are Junction Objects in Salesforce that tie specific Campaigns, Recurring Donations, and Opportunities to specific GAU records. Or, to put it another way, if GAUs are the buckets, Allocations are the spigots that fill those buckets with water. Classy’s new extension supports the NPSP’s Allocation functionality, and provides the data needed to report on how all donations to your organization are distributed.

Improved Sync-Logging

One of the most common requests from customers is enhanced transparency into which records were successfully synced, which may have caused an error, and which might be out of sync due to modification to records on either platform. Classy is now proud to offer a complete list of every record synced, updated in real time and available to your staff through a new object called Classy API Requests.

Improved Sync-Logging

Data Reconciliation

If you’ve been a Classy client for some time, but haven’t yet installed the integration, there’s no time like the present. Classy’s new data reconciliation feature can sync any and all historical data in your Classy account over to your Salesforce org with just a few clicks. The Data Reconciliation tool also runs nightly to ensure complete data integrity between the two systems.

What does all this mean for you?

Not all Salesforce integrations are created equal. When evaluating new platforms, make sure their data syncs in real time, minimizes data loads, and prevents unnecessary record duplication, saving you valuable time and money.

As a core product of Classy, the Classy for Salesforce Integration and NPSP Extension fulfills these criteria and benefit from continuous updates based on feedback from our clients, Salesforce Implementation partners, and updates to the Salesforce platform and NPSP. We’re constantly working behind the scenes to improve the usability and efficiency of the integration, introduce powerful new features, and stay in lock-step with ongoing developments to Salesforce and the NPSP. Look out for many new and exciting announcements to come.

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