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Today’s Donors Share New Giving Intentions and Motivations: Why America Gives 2022


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Published November 10, 2022 Reading Time: 2 minutes

America is activated, impassioned, and determined to give back this year.

In just one year from Classy’s last US donor survey, the country faced an international humanitarian conflict, controversial legislative changes, devastating natural disasters, and 40-year-high inflation rates. These all raised the demand for relief from nonprofit organizations and some important questions about how individual donors would take action to continue funding that crucial work.

Before heading into the busiest season for online donations, we went right to the source for clarity: 1,000 U.S. donors shared their charitable giving plans, loyalty to organizations, and motivations.

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Giving Intentions From 1,000 of Today’s US Donors

Hearing directly from today’s donors helped us glean new insights for nonprofits looking to establish relationships that result in long-term support. And while digging into the psyche of donors who contribute monetary gifts to nonprofits and individuals, we saw just what distinguishes loyalty and passive support.

With that, we measured the impact of economic uncertainty and timely events on expected giving patterns, emotional drivers, preferred relationship-building channels, and what establishes deep connections to nonprofits.

My trust and excitement levels are a function of the results I see from a charitable cause. When I see good being done by one of the organizations I contribute to, I am much more inclined to give more in the future.

Surveyed US donor

Baby Boomer, Male

An Optimistic Outlook on Loyalty in Economic Flux

Why America Gives 2022 found that while Americans remain ready and committed to making a difference with their wallets, major donors still outpace individual households in giving monetary donations to nonprofits across the sector.  Still, our report findings offer an optimistic view into how donors help to solve challenges that make them feel passionate.

Here’s what the data shows:

  • America is activated to make a difference, with 90% of US donors willing to give the same as in 2021 or more by the end of the year, despite nearly half sharing a pessimistic economic view
  • Loyal donors are the key to long-term results, expecting to donate at levels 4X higher than passive donors and showing more resilience when faced with financial stress
  • Passive donors are looking for organizations to match their values, with 59% who give to an individual in need seeking more information about charities that support a similar cause
  • The generational divide changes giving expectations and the way nonprofits can retain loyalty among donors of all ages

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What to Expect From Future Giving Behaviors

While expectations for charitable giving are strong as we close out 2022, the prospects going forward are equally promising. This is especially true as loyal donors are eager to donate again to causes and organizations they feel passionate about in the new year. With that, we hope you’ll use our findings to foster your strongest community of support yet.


Why America Gives 2022

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