August Update: The Classy API and Peer-to-Peer Public Beta

In March, we released a completely revamped version of the Classy API, which provides more power, flexibility, and customization for nonprofits and third-party developers. The new Classy API is also the foundation of all the ways Classy is pushing the envelop on nonprofit technology this year: the new Fundraising Suite, Classy for Salesforce Version 6, and Classy Pay.  

Now, we’ve officially launched more around the Classy API to make it as easy as possible for your web developer to implement its most common use cases. In August, we updated the Developer Center with code samples that demonstrate how to:


classy developers center
The updated Developers Center

The Latest Fundraising Suite Update

In August, we added more settings and customizations to the new Fundraising Suite.

New Peer-to-Peer Campaigns for All

Big news: all Classy nonprofits now have access to the new Peer-to-Peer (Beta). We’ve been documenting its new design and features all month, so now you can dig in.

To access the new Peer-to-Peer campaign, simply log in, navigate to the Fundraising Tab, and select “Peer-to-Peer (Beta)” from the Create New dropdown.

Guide to Create and Launch a New Peer-to-Peer Campaign


If you want to see what nonprofits built on the platform so far, take a look at these three new peer-to-peer campaigns designed with Classy.

Classy Mode Now Available for New Fundraising Suite Campaigns

Fee-on-Top—now called Classy Mode—enables supporters to cover fees in addition to their donation amount.

If you’ve created a new Crowdfunding or Peer-to-Peer campaign, you may have noticed that “Classy Mode” had a “Coming Soon” addendum.



Now, the feature is fully enabled. There’s also an additional option to select Classy Mode by default, so every donation includes fees. Of course, your supporter can always choose not to add the fee to their donation amount.


classy mode enabled


Read More About Classy Mode


Want to try out the new Classy Peer-to-Peer campaign? If you’re a Classy nonprofit, log in now. If you’re not a Classy user, get in touch for a free demo.


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