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50 Successful Nonprofit Fundraising Examples (Meet the Best in Classy)

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Published September 9, 2021 Reading Time: 5 minutes

A successful fundraising campaign starts with a spark of inspiration, followed by the drive to make it happen. Get inspired by 50 successful nonprofit fundraising examples. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the Best in Classy.

Meet the Best in Classy

The Best in Classy recognizes fundraising excellence within the Classy nonprofit community. We’re thrilled to showcase 50 organizations that took the flexibility and supporter-centric nature of our fundraising platform to launch campaigns that activated their donors when and how they needed.

Our interactive, easy-to-navigate Best in Classy site invites you to see exactly which organizations and particular campaigns lead the way in checkout page conversion, donor retention, annual donation volume growth, donor experience, and robust campaign portfolios.

So dive in! Explore tangible campaign examples and the results they’ve produced, and discover streamlined channels to network with our top 50 organizations further. Filter your search by cause sector, employee count, or location to discover nonprofits you can learn from to sharpen your skills and elevate your fundraising strategy.


Join us in Celebrating the Best in Classy Fundraisers

Get to know the fundraisers who doubled down on their strategies to engage, convert, and retain support, and have since continued inspiring others with their innovative ideas.

The Best in Classy celebrates leaders in the following five categories:

Most Streamlined Donation Process

most streamlined donation process best in classy top nonprofits

These organizations offer streamlined giving processes that allow more donors to access, navigate, and donate to their campaigns. As a result, they have the highest checkout conversion rates, defined as the percent of visitors who land on a donation page or initiate the event checkout process and complete a donation or ticket purchase.

Meet Our Leading Organization:

university of nebraska foundation

University of Nebraska Foundation leads the group with a 69% donation page checkout conversion rate. Their use of visual storytelling, a clear goal, and an easy path to take action unites their community around their compelling campaigns on Classy.

Most Loyal Supporters

Best in Classy Most Loyal Supporters

These organizations have the most loyal donors, bringing in a dedicated supporter base that makes their mission possible through frequent interactions, recurring donations, and one-time gifts. They see the highest donor retention rates on the Classy platform, measured by dividing the sum of recurring and repeat donors by their total number of donors.

Meet Our Leading Organization:

Tunnel to Towers

We celebrate Tunnel to Towers as our top organization in this category, achieving an 88% donor retention rate. Their inspiring peer-to-peer campaigns built on Classy ignite donor passion and empower their supporters to repeatedly give in meaningful ways.

Most Options to Give

Best in Classy Most Options to Give

These organizations offer supporters the most ways to give, getting strategic about differentiated campaigns held each year to support their mission. Campaigns include everything from peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding, to virtual events and recurring giving programs. By diversifying their revenue streams, these organizations can fuel their fundraising goals on Classy to sustain their impact.

Meet Our Leading Organization:

Baptist Health Foundation Jacksonville

We celebrate Baptist Health Foundation Jacksonville as our top organization in this category, offering their donors and supporters various ways to get involved through Peer-to-peer fundraising, online ticketed events, crowdfunding campaigns, and a straightforward donate button on their website through the Classy platform.

Highest Annual Growth

Best in Classy Highest Annual Growth

These organizations have seen the highest annual donation growth on the Classy platform between 2019 and 2020, thanks to the incredible response from their donors and optimization of Classy’s tools.

Meet Our Leading Organization:

Jacob's Heart Children's Cancer

We have Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support leading the way in this category. They’ve seen the largest leap in annual donation volume with thoughtful giving experiences that connect their cause with more donors and steward them to continue their impact as loyal supporters.

Best Donor Experience

Best in Classy Best Donor Experience

These organizations have the best donor experience, fueled by their dedication to provide supporters with the simplest and most fulfilling path to give. The Classy data team created a proprietary formula that assesses campaigns using factors we know lead to a positive donor experience, used alongside the insight of our internal experts to select those leading the way.

Operation Broken SIlence

Meet Our Leading Organization:

Operation Broken Silence’s The Heart of Nuba campaign is an incredible example of the Classy giving experience, earning themselves a spot at the top of our list. When asked how they’ve created such a seamless donor experience, their team shared that “Classy’s customizable campaigns and donation pages are a beautiful backdrop for the Sudanese stories we share, which in turn propels donors to do more.”

See All 50 Best in Classy Nonprofits

Will You Join the Next Generation of Best in Classy?

Our dedicated Best in Classy site shows how each featured organization paired its unique cause and mission with Classy’s fundraising tools to deliver an experience that attracts, nurtures, and retains loyal donors.

If you’re not using Classy to run your fundraising website or campaigns today, the 50 campaign examples on our site can show you what it looks like in action for an organization like yours.

If you’re a member of the Classy community, learn more about how to boost your fundraising ROI in the coming year with our tailored lessons on Classy Academy and our latest research in Classy’s 2021 State of Modern Philanthropy Report.

Best in Classy Top 50 Successful Nonprofits

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