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What You Can Learn From 3 of the Best Nonprofit LinkedIn Profiles

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Published October 28, 2021 Reading Time: 5 minutes

Driving social impact around the globe starts when you get your cause in front of potential supporters. Elevate your organization’s online presence and attract key donors with inspiration from three of the best nonprofit LinkedIn profiles.

Why Does My Nonprofit Need a LinkedIn Page?

A strong online presence can help your nonprofit tap into a wide network of people who are willing and eager to support your mission. By maintaining an active page that showcases your good work and clearly communicates your impact, you can foster a community of people ready to make a difference.

LinkedIn is home to more than 740 million members in 200 countries and regions worldwide. The powerful social media platform is one of the first places people go to learn about your organization and discover ways to get involved. Boost your credibility, elevate your impact, and keep your audiences engaged with a page that leaves a lasting impression.

Unlock the Full Power of Connections on LinkedIn

Get Inspiration from Three of the Best Nonprofit LinkedIn Profiles

See how nonprofits like yours tap into LinkedIn’s extensive network with an optimized profile to foster engagement, connect with like-minded people, and meet key donor acquisition objectives.

Dig into these three examples from The LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Nonprofits to inspire and guide your own efforts.

United Nations Foundation

UN foundation linkedin page

What We Love: Complete and up-to-date profile

Establish credibility and improve your organization’s searchability with a page that clearly communicates your story, vision, and values. Provide visitors with everything they need to make an informed decision on whether or not to get involved with your cause.

See how the United Nations Foundation does this and more in the video below:

Pages with complete information get 30 percent more weekly views. Here’s what you need to do to achieve the same success:

  1. Add your logo and cover image to personalize your page
  2. Fill out your description with details about your origin story, goals, core values, and positioning
  3. Incorporate relevant terms and phrases into your overview
  4. Include your organization info, including your website URL, location, industry, and company size
  5. Customize your call to action to align with your goals

These simple steps make your page more inviting to people who may be discovering your organization for the first time, and can help encourage them to stick around to learn more about what you do and why it’s important.

The Nature Conservancy

nature conservancy linkedin page

What We Love: Optimized for searchability

LinkedIn members can search by keywords, so be strategic with the messaging you choose to include on your page.

Just like you earn organic traffic to your website through search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, you can get more eyes on your LinkedIn page by leading with relevant terms and phrases that describe your organization’s mission and purpose.

Use words related to your cause, or a timely current event that someone may be looking to help support. Put yourself in the mind of your donors and get ahead of what they may be browsing in their LinkedIn feed to be sure your organization rises to the top of their search results.

See how The Nature Conservancy executed this on their Linkedin profile:

nonprofit linkedin profile example

By driving more traffic to your page, you can also boost traffic to your website (and donation pages). Amplify your reach, elevate your impact, and further support your fundraising efforts with a page that’s optimized for LinkedIn search.

Environmental Defense Fund

environmental defense fund linkedin page

What We Love: Consistent posting cadence

Remain relevant with your donor base by posting content once a day during peak times.

Pages that post daily get twice the member engagement. The hours between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the work week have proven to be the busiest for LinkedIn users. Organizing your content calendar to capitalize on these high-traffic times is a strong strategy to boost your social performance.

Learn When to Schedule Your LinkedIn Posts With This Content Planner

It’s also important to cross promote your page on other social platforms once a week to reach different audiences.

Keep your content fresh with these best practices:

  • Use LinkedIn’s Content Suggestions tool
  • Reshare your organization’s best mentions
  • Reshare advocates of your causes’ posts
  • Include custom images and videos
  • Share PowerPoints and PDFs
  • Stream live video content
Pro Tip
Video gets 5x more engagement on LinkedIn, and Live Video gets 24x more. Visit LinkedIn’s Help Center to learn how to start incorporating these visuals today.

Bonus: 3 More Simple Ways to Stand Out

Stay Engaged With the Right People at the Right Time

Spark conversation with LinkedIn members to win engagement. Back-and-forth conversations are key to helping your post be seen by a wider audience.

linkedin social notifications

Get started with these low-lift engagement tactics:

  • Comment on and share posts that feature your nonprofit
  • Interact with posts that relate to your orgaization’s unique cause
  • Share trending articles that are relevant and supportive of your mission
  • Explore your Activity tab to discover recent mentions of your organization
  • Ask questions that encourage members to respond or tag their connections
  • Create LinkedIn Events for your campaigns to engage new audiences and encourage sharing by participants

Tap Into Organic Sharing With Your Own Team

Notify employees of important posts and encourage them to react, comment on, and share them out with their networks. Your employees’ networks are typically ten times the size of your page followers. Extend the reach of your content by opening the door to their inner circles.

linkedin employee notification

It’s also helpful to ask current and former staff, volunteers, and board members to list your nonprofit under the Experience section on their personal LinkedIn page. This not only increases brand exposure, but also ensures that your staff and board members’ affiliation is clear to all prospective donors they engage with.

Lean Into Analytics

Gain insight into the performance of your LinkedIn page to inform your future strategy. Getting access to analytics helps you keep a finger on the pulse of current trends circulating within the industry.

LinkedIn Page Analytics include the following types:

  • Followers
  • Visitors
  • Competitors
  • Employee
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Talent Brand

Discover what kind of content is resonating with your audience to ensure your organization remains relevant, timely, and in-tune with the preferences of your donor base.

Lead the Way on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your organization’s goals. Attract a loyal and dedicated following to help get the word out, drive action, and grow your organic reach. The more people you can get your message in front of, the more likely you are to drive conversion.

Lean on these nonprofit LinkedIn profile examples and best practices to guide your strategy as you brainstorm new ways to elevate your online presence and attract new audiences.

illustration of a computer

LinkedIn for Nonprofits: The Complete Checklist

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