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3 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Classy Campaign Messages


By Will Schmidt

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Communication is central to the success of any fundraising campaign. That’s why Classy has an array of email functions built into its Fundraising Suite.

The Campaign Messages, specifically, are available for either crowdfunding or peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and help keep communications top of mind throughout the duration of a campaign. For example, you can use these emails to:

  • Keep your supporters updated on your campaign progress
  • Inform your audience of crucial campaign updates
  • Send a heartfelt thank you to your donors

In total, there are three different Campaign Messages that each serve a specialized function:

Template choices campaign messages
The three campaign message templates: Blank, Image, and Text

You also have the option to send these emails to:

  • Donors only
  • Team Captains only
  • Fundraisers and Team Captains
  • All campaign contacts
Campaign Contacts campaign messages
Contact options

Each section below will walk you through some use cases for the Blank Template, Image Template, and Text Template to get your creative juices flowing.

1. The Blank Template

The Blank Template is text only, and it includes the option to write a headline, subheading, campaign logo, and some text. The text can also include Merge Tags—automated email personalization—and links.

You might consider this template if you run into the following type of situation:

Your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is set to run for two months and you’re trying to raise a total of $30,000. Suddenly, you hit your goal after only 20 days.

It’d be foolish to call the campaign finished at that point. There’s obviously some major traction behind your mission, and you risk leaving money on the table if you wrap up with 40 days left.

If you encounter this situation, you can choose to extend your fundraising goal. That initial $30,000 came quickly, and your donors can perhaps bring in another $30,000 with the remaining time. Thus, you can bump your overall funding goal up to $60,000.

You want all your donors to know that you’ve hit an incredible milestone, but that you’ve also decided to include an extended fundraising goal. Your Campaign Email would be quick, to the point, and might look something like this:

Blank Template Final campaign messages
A finished Blank Template email

2. The Image Template

Picture this: you hit the halfway point of your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, and while things are going well they could be going better. You’ve encountered the mid-campaign lull, and activity has dropped off a bit. But you came prepared.

You decide now is the time to unveil a top tier incentive, like an Apple Watch, that will be awarded to the person who raises the most money on the back nine of your campaign. The Image Template can showcase this awesome prize, as it allows for one header image that serves as the focal point of your email.

Image Template Final campaign messages
A finished Image Template email

This email can also reignite the passion for fundraising in your team captains and peer-to-peer fundraisers because they want the prize. Perhaps it even pulls in and activates new fundraisers from your community who want to win as well.

And don’t overlook the buttons at the bottom of the email. You want people to read the email and take action immediately.

Pro Tip
Direct people to their Fundraiser Dashboards with one of the buttons at the bottom, with text that reads, “Keep Fundraising!”

3. The Text Template

The Text Template has one special feature that the other two don’t: a signature block. This is a place where the CEO, ED, or anybody in a leadership role at your nonprofit can upload their digital signature.

Potentially, you could use this template at the end of your wildly successful fundraising campaign if your ED or CEO wants to thank all their supporters. This would be an email you send out to all campaign contacts—team captains, donors, and fundraisers.

Thank them for their participation and call out some of your powerhouse fundraisers. Don’t be afraid to get granular and let your supporters know the scope and reach of their fundraising efforts.

Then, stamp your official signature on the bottom to let them know that it’s an official email. It might look something like this:

Text Template Final campaign messages
A finished Text Template email


Emails and campaign messages don’t have to be boring, but they do need to be straightforward, clear, and concise. Even if you’re a seasoned email writer, there’s always another tip, trick, or best practice you can learn. Check out our resources to ensure you write the best one possible.

A Guide to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Emails

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