Your Nonprofit Cheat Sheet for a Stellar Ticketed Event Page

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Fundraising events are an invaluable way to engage current donors, attract new supporters, and raise money for your mission in one fell swoop. But in order to attract attendees, you need a beautiful event page that converts visitors.

To demonstrate what goes into an effective ticketed event page, we created this handy cheat sheet that walks you through each necessary element. Better yet, we showcase a sample event designed on Classy Events, whose customized design capabilities allow you to create a stunning page with zero design or coding experience.

Download Your Cheat Sheet

Instead of worrying about design and software integrations, you should be focused on your cause. With customized design capabilities, optimized checkout flows, and robust, real-time reporting, Classy Events allows you to plan, execute, and scale your events all in one place. Check the link below to learn how you can leverage the power of Classy Events to create a stellar ticketed event.


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