Dear Development Professionals…

development professionals

Thank you.

You say those words a lot to supporters, but you probably don’t hear them enough. You are the unsung heroes of so many nonprofit organizations. Because impact and success stories are what motivate the public, it’s rare that we shine a light on all the indispensable work you do as individuals.

While it’s important to celebrate building wells, educating children, and curing diseases, we can’t forget that behind all these achievements there is a hard-working nonprofit employee fundraising to make it happen.

So thank you development professionals,

  • For writing amazing email series for the different segments of your donor base
  • For spending months courting large donors with the power to give big
  • For helping peer-to-peer fundraisers succeed
  • For painstakingly filling out grant applications
  • For working to make events profitable
  • For building strong monthly giving programs
  • For fueling the programs and initiatives that are changing the world
  • For making it all happen

Never forget that the work you do is what makes the social sector’s impact possible. You are a vital part of the team, even if you don’t get all the love. Be proud of the work you do, because we already are!


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