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Help the Buffalo Community: Support Racial Equality and Gun Violence Prevention

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Published May 17, 2022 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Racism has no place in this world. We must do better. Classy stands in solidarity in the fight against gun violence, inequality, and injustice toward the Black community after the horrific mass shooting in Buffalo, New York on May 15, 2022.

A series of mass shootings killed 14 people and wounded 39 from May 13 to 15. In addition to the Buffalo community, we stand by those impacted by the shootings in Milwaukee, Orange County, Winston-Salem, Houston, and Amarillo.   

Learn more about how you can show your support for the organizations fighting for racial justice and gun violence prevention.

Organizations Standing Up Against Racism and Gun Violence

Everytown for Gun Safety

Everytown for Gun Safety is the largest gun violence prevention organization in America with a plan to end gun violence. The nonprofit is a grassroots movement of parents, students, survivors, educators, and concerned citizens fighting to build safer communities.

Working with local, federal, and state governments, Everytown for Gun Safety is dedicated to enacting evidence-based solutions and implementing public safety policies that reduce gun violence.

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Center for Racial Justice in Education

The Center for Racial Justice in Education is on a mission to train and empower educators to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in our schools and communities. The nonprofit envisions a world where all young people learn to thrive in racially equitable, liberating, and empowering educational spaces.

The organization believes that racial justice work is an active process dependent on partnership with others in the community. Through accountable, equitable, and inclusive relationships, they build these communities to move society forward.

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Be the Bridge

Be the Bridge works to move people and culture toward racial healing, equity, and reconciliation. They’re on a mission to increase awareness of the racial brokenness and systemic injustice in our world.

The nonprofit envisions a future where we are no longer conditioned by a racialized society, but are grounded in truth. They accomplish this by inspiring others to have a transformative response to racial division and remain present to encourage racial reconciliation.

Beyond that, they equip communities with the vision, skills, and heart for racial healing in partnership with organizations who are doing it well today.

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Equal Justice Initiative 

The Equal Justice Initiative is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, challenging racial and economic injustice, and protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.

They support education within the American population to confront historic racial injustice in a way that brings new truths  to light and takes a large step forward in healing our nation.

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Getting Out Staying Out (GOSO)

Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO) partners with people impacted by arrest and incarceration on a journey of education, employment, and emotional wellbeing. The nonprofit collaborates with New York City communities to support a culture of nonviolence.

GOSO takes a thoughtful approach to their work by following a framework they call their Three E’s: Education, Employment, and Emotional Well-being. Through their work, the organization enables 220 new job placements a year, and helps 86% of program participants remain out of jail.

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Race Forward

Race Forward catalyzes movement building for racial justice. In partnership with communities, organizations, and sectors, they build strategies to advance racial justice in our policies, institutions, and culture.

Race Forward brings research to the public on pressing racial justice issues that focus on how institutional and structural racism fuels inequity in society and the economy. Their goal is to strengthen social change through their work and this ongoing education.

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Guitars Over Guns

Guitars Over Guns offers students from the most vulnerable communities a powerful combination of music education and mentorship with professional musicians. Their goal is to empower these students to make positive choices at school, at home, and in their communities. 

The organization recognizes the skills, talents, and life lessons that music introduces, including teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, discipline, accountability, patience, and more. Guitars Over Guns then assigns working musicians as mentors to students to help them find their voice and these essential skills that translate into better decisions in other areas of their lives. 

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Support the Buffalo Community and Fight For a Better Tomorrow

As a Certified B Corporation and Public Benefit Corporation, Classy’s mission is to mobilize and empower the world for good. We are proud to support the nonprofits responding to the recent tragedy in Buffalo, and we stand behind the organizations working tirelessly to serve those in need whenever and wherever the world calls them.

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