Donate to Mexico Earthquake Relief Efforts

By Elizabeth Chung
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On Tuesday, September 19, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake—the second deadly quake in two weeks—struck Mexico and devastated much of the country, killing over 200 people. That number is likely to change. Thousands of rescue workers and volunteers continue to search through rubble for survivors.

Organizations are mobilizing and deploying relief efforts and search-and-rescue teams. The following Classy clients need your support.

How You Can Help

Click the name of the organization to learn more about them or donate directly to their Mexico City earthquake relief efforts.


IsraAID responds to emergency crises and helps people around the world recover and reconstruct. The organization is providing mental health support to communities affected by the earthquake, as well as water, sanitation and hygiene support as the earthquake has damaged certain water infrastructures, limiting access to safe water.

Prosperity Homes

Prosperity Homes connects and empowers real estate and mortgage professionals to build and transform communities around the world. They are providing relief to survivors and mobilizing for longer-term recovery assistance.

Photo Credit: CNN

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