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Let This Hybrid Registration With Fundraising Event Inspire You This Fall: Pasadena Humane

Pasadena Humane Society

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Published August 2, 2021 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Each month, get inspired by a unique and timely campaign that shows exactly how to use the Classy fundraising platform to the fullest.

Hybrid event models are quickly emerging as a new standard for nonprofits. To provide your organization with a blueprint on how to build an engaging hybrid event of your own on Classy, we broke down Pasadena Humane’s 23rd Annual Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run campaign into quick tips, tangible takeaways, and actionable next steps.

Discover how to pair the reach of a virtual event with the excitement of connecting in person through a hybrid fundraising campaign on Classy.

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Meet Pasadena Humane

Mission: To lead the way toward a compassionate and caring community for all animals

Cause Sector: Animal Protection, Welfare and Services

Employee Count: 130

Location: Pasadena, California

Years on Classy: 2

See a Fall Hybrid Fundraising Campaign in Action

Pasadena Humane leveraged a registration with fundraising campaign on Classy for their largest event of the year that includes a dual registration option for in-person and virtual participants. The proceeds of this campaign help save the lives of thousands of animals in the Pasadena community with programs such as foster care, wildlife rehabilitation, adoption, animal rescue, and more.

We were able to build our hybrid registration with fundraising page using Classy’s design tools in just a few short days. It has great customization options, is very user-friendly, and we love the idea of our supporters being able to participate from all over the world.

Alyssa Staniland

Digital Fundraising Coordinator, Pasadena Humane

This strategic event model opened the door to donors far beyond their borders, inviting new audiences to invest in their cause and support their mission.

wiggle waggle walk and run

How Classy Helped Launch This Hybrid Registration With Fundraising Event

Classy’s giving experience platform offers Pasadena Humane the flexibility, scale, and advanced design tools to delight their donors with a beautiful campaign. Here’s a deeper look at this hybrid event example:

Campaign Goal: Keep user experience top of mind to attract new supporters, boost conversion, and support fundraisers to reach their potential.

Method: Create a clear, quick, and easy-to-navigate registration process with customized descriptions to explain what each ticket purchase entails and how it ties back to the cause.

Tools to Make It Happen: Classy’s registration with fundraising campaigns make it easy to create as many registration options for an event as needed. Organizations can quickly customize their registration details with information like estimated fees, fundraising commitments, or registration costs.

The Anatomy of a Successful Registration With Fundraising Campaign

Takeaways for Your Next Hybrid Fundraising Event

1. Unlock earning potential with a dual registration option

When the power of in-person event attendance meets nationwide virtual support, your pre-existing revenue ceiling disappears.

Make the registration process as simple as possible for all attendees by providing clear calls to action, detailed descriptions of what is included with the virtual versus in-person ticket options, and a list of FAQs to guide attendees over any hurdles.

To ensure your fundraisers’ success, create fundraiser toolkits that provide guidance both technically for the peer-to-peer fundraising sign-up process and strategically for outreach to potential donors.

What You Need in Your Fundraisers Toolkit

2. Boost your exposure with peer-to-peer fundraising

Classy’s registration with fundraising campaigns activate attendees to raise money on behalf of your organization through peer-to-peer fundraising. Because of that, they typically raise a median amount 4.5 times greater than ticketed events, according to the 2021 State of Modern Philanthropy report.

Once a supporter submits their registration on Classy, a peer-to-peer fundraising page is automatically created for them. This eliminates an extra step for fundraisers, thus increasing the number of participants.

By layering a hybrid event model with a registration with fundraising campaign, your organization can double its exposure to attract new donors and open the door for greater levels of support.

Future-Proof Your Fundraising for Years to Come

3. Customize your campaign with unique branding

Your campaign’s landing page is the first page supporters will see. On Classy, you can easily customize elements like your header, hero block, and “about” section to align with your branding.

Tap into features like a progress circle or fundraising leaderboard to build social proof, or add custom blocks to bring your campaign to life in a way that feels aligned to the mission of your organization.

How to Create a Customized Registration with Fundraising Event on Classy

Hybrid Events are Here to Stay

Hybrid is the future of fundraising, and Classy’s customizable campaigns make it easier for thousands of nonprofits to adapt to this new fundraising model. As you brainstorm your next event idea, a virtual component should remain a well-established part of your organization’s strategy.

Be sure to check back next month for another campaign example to keep your fundraising fresh and inspired by new ideas. Until then, explore our free fundraising event resources for more ways to expand your reach, amplify your impact, and raise more for your mission:

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