How First Book Increased Conversion Rates by 185% in One Year

By Will Schmidt
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Whether you need someone to click through your newsletters to blog content, create a personal fundraising page, or complete a donation checkout, more often than not, your end goal as a nonprofit is to get someone to convert in one capacity or another.

For First Book, when it came to their 2015 and 2016 year-end campaigns built on Blackbaud Luminate, the checkout page conversions left much to be desired. While supporters were completing donations, First Book was still leaving a lot of potential money on the table.

Knowing it was time for a big change, First Book moved their online fundraising to Classy in May 2017. Not only did this transition improve their conversion rates, it also gave them a host of other tools to engage their supporters with a donor-first experience.

The Initial Attempt to Increase Conversions

Before their move to Classy, First Book still tried to improve their results with outside help. After their 2015 year-end campaign drove sub-par conversion rates, First Book sought the help of a design firm to work on their donation form. They hoped an updated aesthetic would entice more supporters to make a gift.

Essentially, we put a wrapper over the top of Blackbaud to provide a better user interface.”

Diana Peacock
SVP of Development and Alliances at First Book

The better user interface did lift their conversion rates for the 2016 campaign, which speaks to the expertise of the design firm. However, these rates still weren’t ideal for First book:

  • 2015: 8 percent conversion rate
  • 2016: 10 percent conversion rate

 The Conversion Rates Skyrocket

They knew it was time for a bigger and bolder move outside of a donation form redesign. To that end, they decided it was time to leave Blackbaud for Classy in May 2017.

As a direct result of the transition, First Book saw a massive boost to their checkout page conversion rates. Their 2017 year-end campaign recorded a 28.5 percent conversion rate. Further, Classy allowed First Book to:

  • Get 360-degree view of their donors
  • Take advantage of the Classy for Salesforce integration
  • Use a top-rated peer-to-peer fundraising product
  • Leverage a donor-first user experience

To get all the details surrounding their conversion rate increases, make sure to read the full story now.

How First Book Increased Conversion Rates by 185 Percent in One Year

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