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How to Help: 3 Nonprofits Contributing to the 2021 Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

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Published August 17, 2021 Reading Time: 3 minutes

\On August 14, 2021, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake followed by four aftershocks struck western Haiti and took the lives of an estimated 1,300 citizens. This is the second earthquake to hit the area with such force after a first shock back in 2010. Now, the world is banding together to support relief efforts once again.

The epicenter struck about 80 miles west of the capital of Port-au-Prince, damaging infrastructures like homes, roads, ports, bridges, and hospitals. With access to only a few dozen doctors in the area, people are desperately seeking care and safety.

In response to this, we’ve identified three organizations that are currently taking action to aid in the long road to relief that follows. Learn more about the evolving situation from a recent Good Morning America ABC News segment below, as well as how you can help Haiti earthquake victims below.

Video owned by and featured on the ABC News Youtube channel.

Organizations Stepping In to Support Haiti Earthquake Victims


CORE is a crisis response organization that brings immediate aid and recovery to underserved communities across the globe. Within hours of the 2021 Haiti earthquake, they launched a response plan to provide emergency support to survivors.

CORE is fundraising to support rescue operations, as well as the removal of debris and rubble. With the assistance they receive from donors, their team will also be providing emergency medical assistance, food, water, and shelter to those working on long-term recovery efforts in Haiti.


Photo provided directly by the CORE team.

Get real-time updates from CORE on social media:

Instagram: @coreresponse

Facebook: CoreResponse

Twitter: @CoreResponse

Hope for Haiti

Hope for Haiti has worked in emergency preparedness and response in southern Haiti for over three decades. Their team lives and works in the communities as Haitian doctors, nurses, and program managers. When the earthquake struck, Hope for Haiti was ready to support with a stockpile of emergency supplies to distribute to vulnerable individuals and families.

While the teams in Haiti were not harmed personally from the earthquake, the organization is actively supporting the areas that were impacted. All donations are currently being routed to provide immediate support, which is a natural extension of Hope for Haiti’s mission to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children.

Photo featured on the Hope for Haiti website.

Get real-time updates on social media:

Instagram: @hopeforhaiti

Facebook: Hope for Haiti

Twitter: @HopeforHaitiFL


Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon mobilizes veterans to offer their services, skills, and expertise to people preparing for, responding to, or recovering from disasters.

With six earthquakes, 132 floods, 56 hurricanes, and 96 tornadoes under their belt, the organization is actively planning their relief efforts in Haiti. Team Rubicon has a team ready to provide hands-on support and is currently collecting donations to directly help those impacted by the 2021 Haiti earthquake.

Photo featured on the Team Rubicon website.

Get real-time updates on social media:

Instagram: @teamrubicon

Facebook: Team Rubicon

Twitter: @TeamRubicon


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