INFOGRAPHIC: What Your Nonprofit Should Invest in to Succeed

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Thirty-five percent of Americans have little to no confidence in charities, and 41 percent think nonprofit leaders are paid in excess. These negative stigmas can make nonprofit professionals feel like they’re walking on eggshells when it comes time to plan their investments and talk about overhead expenses. However, the only way to successfully grow your organization and scale its impact is to invest in effective workflows and resources. These strategic investments are not wasteful. On the contrary, they are the core building blocks that allow you to excel.

Confidently invest in what you need to grow, and join the organizations leading the paradigm shift in how operational investments are perceived.

As Tom and Donna from TV show “Parks and Recreation” would say, it’s time to “treat yo self” to what will help your organization really succeed and not just scrape by. CEO and founder of Team Rubicon, Jake Wood, speaks about spending not as an evil, but as a necessary part of accomplishing the mission.

“We have really frank conversations with people. Yes, we’re investing in our finance and development because we need to drive another extra 10 million in revenue next year and that’s how we’re going to deliver services to 100 communities next year instead of the 35 that we did this year. The thought process is you should spend every dollar that you need to, to accomplish the mission.

Saving dollars when you should rightfully spend them, is just as bad as wastefully spending dollars when you shouldn’t. I think we’ve really driven that home to people here. Don’t be afraid to spend money. If it has impact, spend the money.”

What should your nonprofit organization invest in to accomplish your mission? Create your shopping list with the infographic below.

infographic nonprofit

In a perfect world, your organization would have access to everything on your ultimate shopping list. In fact, in a perfect world, this shopping list wouldn’t even need to exist because your organization would have no problem to solve. Diseases would have cures, the environment would be protected, animals wouldn’t be endangered.

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. The world’s not perfect, and it may never be. But we can take incremental steps that change our way of life and empower the lives of future generations. A smart investment in your organization’s operations is a powerful step that can help accomplish your mission.

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