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INFOGRAPHIC: What Your Nonprofit Should Invest in to Succeed


By Ellie Burke

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Thirty-five percent of Americans have little to no confidence in charities, and 41 percent think nonprofit leaders are overpaid. These negative stereotypes can make nonprofit professionals feel like they’re walking on eggshells when it comes to managing a nonprofit budget, but the only way to grow your organization and scale its impact is to invest in efficient workflows and resources. These strategic investments are the core building blocks that allow your nonprofit to excel and move the needle on your mission.

We know it can be scary to invest hard-earned money in overhead expenses or areas that the average supporter may not understand, but it’s your job to make an informed decision on what will have the most impact for your nonprofit.

For example, hiring a freelance videographer may not make sense to an outsider, but nonprofit professionals know that impact-based storytelling is one of the most important tactics to acquire, engage, and retain donors and that video is the ideal medium.

Strategic decisions can transform your organization into a financial powerhouse equipped to tackle your mission, so as Tom and Donna from the TV show “Parks and Recreation” would say, it’s time to “treat yo’self.” Conduct research, talk to your stakeholders, and come up with a nonprofit budget that will help your organization really succeed.

To help you get started, we created this infographic to list potential areas to invest in, as well as data points of where other organizations are spending their money.

What Your Nonprofit Should Invest in to Succeed

nonprofit budget

In a perfect world, your organization would have access to everything it needs and nonprofits’ motives wouldn’t be questioned. Actually, in a perfect world, this list wouldn’t even exist because your organization would have no problem to solve. Diseases would have cures, the environment would be protected, animals wouldn’t be endangered.

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. The world’s not perfect, and it may never be. But we can take incremental steps that change our way of life and empower the lives of future generations. A smart investment in your organization’s operations is a powerful step that can help accomplish your mission.

Check out the link below to learn about how you can best motivate your team members and help your organization reach success.

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