INFOGRAPHIC: Race Day Road Map for Charity Run/Walks

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run/walk race day roadmap

The charity run is a very common fundraising event, but it can also be a huge project. Although preparations like securing a location and making a fundraising plan start weeks or months beforehand, the big day is still packed with work. But it doesn’t have to be totally overwhelming.

We’ve put together this Race Day Road Map infographic to guide you through the day and help give your community the best experience possible. When participants have a good time, they are more likely to come back next year and keep supporting your cause. A well-done event can galvanize your community and motivate your team. From volunteer management and registration to first aid and follow up, use these tips to successfully execute your run/walk.

run/walk race day road map infographic

The day of your event is bound to be busy, but preparation will help you make the most of it. Keep these tips in mind on the big day, but also remember to stay flexible and have fun! Encourage your team to keep a positive attitude and adapt to any challenges that come up.

For more fundraising strategies and insights on planning, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Charity Run/Walk Event.

Plan a Charity Run/Walk Like a Pro

run/walk guide for nonprofits

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