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Your Nonprofit’s Complete Toolkit for Virtual Fundraising Events

Our virtual fundraising event platform allows you to provide attendees an immersive virtual or hybrid fundraising event experience with customized venues, in-product live streaming, breakout rooms, tables, and more.

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Reach New Attendees Online

Raise more with online fundraising tools to engage your community online, attract new supporters from the comfort of their homes, and adapt fundraising to an increasingly digital world.

Easy Virtual Event Registration

Nonprofits can reach their fundraising goal by creating a promotional digital fundraising strategy with discount codes to drive registrations, or create unique ticket types for different segments of attendees.

Powerful Reporting

Our online fundraising platform allows you to quickly access quick event health metrics, or dive into robust reporting to create personalized engagement strategies for participants.

Secure Online Event Ticketing

We maintain a safe environment for donor data with Level 1 PCI compliance and SSL Security, built on Amazon Web Services.

Expand Your Reach With Virtual Events

  • Captivate your audience regardless of location with an immersive virtual event or hybrid fundraising event experience
  • Engage with attendees through livestream, chat, polls, and breakout rooms
  • Incorporate an online auction and mobile bidding into your online fundraising agenda
  • Host a completely virtual fundraising event or extend your in-person experience to virtual supporters
  • Set up peer fundraising with personalized, branded fundraising pages
  • Foster friendly competition with live leaderboards and team fundraising
  • Keep it engaging by embedding live video or adding a virtual auction
  • Share fundraising campaign updates with live progress bars and activity walls
  • Create a simple virtual fundraiser with a DIY peer fundraising campaign
  • Encourage each supporter to collect donations instead of gifts for birthdays or other special occasions
  • Host a donation-based hybrid fundraising event such as a cooking class or art class
  • Help online fundraisers crush their fundraising goal with automated coaching and engagement emails
  • Up-level your digital nonprofit fundraising campaign by integrating Classy with your CRM
  • Connect your marketing automation platform, analytics tools, and more
  • Lean on social media, such as Classy for Facebook to help virtual fundraisers boost their reach
  • See deeper fundraising insights by integrating your fundraiser tools with Classy

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Envision just how your nonprofit organization can raise more with our modern, live event technology and fundraising software.

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