Just Announced: The 2016 Classy Awards Finalists

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Classy Awards Finalists

After a year-long process of prospecting, vetting, and evaluation, we’re excited to announce the 100 Classy Awards Finalists of 2016. The Classy Awards recognize outstanding programs run by social impact organizations around the world. The Finalists and Winners are chosen for their excellence in social innovation.

These 100 contenders proved that creative thinking and innovation can happen at organizations of all sizes and cause sectors. They included young organizations like Coalition for Queens, who aims to bring economic opportunity and technical innovation to the famed New York neighborhood, and long-standing influencers like Oxfam America, who fights against poverty, hunger, and injustice.

The Finalists tackle problems as diverse as education, deforestation, and extremist violence. These pioneers of social progress introduce ground-breaking solutions to solve the world’s toughest problems. They demand change, work feverishly for progress, and execute effectively.

Convening in Boston, the Classy Awards unite the world’s most innovative nonprofits, social enterprises, entrepreneurs, and funders. This one-of-a-kind event culminates in a moving ceremony honoring the Classy Awards Winners.

Meet the Classy Awards Finalists!

In 2016, 1,100 organizations submitted 1,300 programs for consideration. Nominees went through a four-phase evaluation process based on these criteria…

1. The scale, scope, and leadership expertise of the problem being addressed
2. Innovative approach
3. Ability to solve the problem
4. Organizational effectiveness and resource management

The 100 Finalists were reviewed by the Classy Awards Leadership Council, a collection of social sector executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators. They faced the difficult task of choosing the very best of the Finalists, only 10 of whom were named Classy Award Winners.

Classy Awards Ceremony

In the final stage of evaluation, the Leadership Council analyzed each program’s ability to meet the above criteria. Additionally, they also looked for these key characteristics…

  • A comprehensive understanding of problem dynamics.
  • An innovative solution.
  • A sustainable business model.
  • Great potential to solve the problem.
  • A focus on learning.

Along with the Finalists and Leadership Council, the Classy Awards host nonprofit professionals from all cause sectors as well as funders, entrepreneurs, and students. This diverse range of voices from the social sector convene for keynotes, panels, product demonstrations, and breakout sessions.

Collaborative + Classy Awards Panel

Whether your organization is up for a coveted Classy Award or not, the conference yields new ideas, connections, and inspiration. Join us at the next Classy Awards to bring your voice to this one-of-a-kind dialogue for social good.

See the 100 Classy Awards Finalists of 2016


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