6 Key Tips to Optimize Your Nonprofit Donation Page

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Hannah Durbin

A strong conversion rate for your nonprofit donation page depends on a number of factors, including a clear call to action, mobile-responsive software, customized visuals, and a streamlined checkout process. Focusing on just one element can detract from your overall user experience and leave donors feeling unmotivated to give.

To ensure that your nonprofit donation page is appealing, compelling, and optimized for conversion, here are six best practices that our Classy team recommends to elevate your donation form and engage more donors. Be sure to test and experiment to continually improve your conversions. 

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Best Practices for Your Nonprofit Donation Page

1. Be Clear With Your Call to Action

Try not to overwhelm your donors with too many options. Clearly state what you’re asking of them by simplifying your language and sticking to just one specific call to action. 

Explicitly state if you want each person to donate, fundraise, purchase a ticket, or show support for your organization in another way. Multiple CTAs can leave donors feeling overwhelmed, which is the last thing you want when a supporter is considering a donation to your organization. 

Explain what your motivation is for fundraising, why the campaign effort is timely, and how easy it is to get involved. Use language that emphasizes the ease of your donation process, like “you’re just one click away,” or “our toolkit will provide you with everything you need to know.” Donors appreciate efficiency, so make sure you’re prioritizing that in your messaging.

2. Brand Your Form

Your nonprofit donation page should serve as a natural extension of your website. Branded donation forms raise six times more than non-branded forms, so carry over your organization’s typical logo, colors, font, imagery, and overall style to maintain your aesthetic. 

On Classy, you can effortlessly maintain brand consistency by enabling domain-masking, plugging in photos or video, customizing your messaging, and elevating your email receipts with a unique headline, background image, and thank you note. Check out how the Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation utilized Classy to elevate their donation form.

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To learn more useful tips on how to customize your donation page and highlight your organization’s mission, download our Checklists for Crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer, and Event Fundraising Campaigns today. 

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3. Deliver Your Form on Multiple Channels

Some studies show that response rates rise with each outreach attempt, so the more times you can get your donation form in front of your audience, the better. 

Leverage your website, email, social media, and other communication channels to increase the visibility of your form and make supporters aware of your ask. Each touchpoint can leave an imprint on your supporters and, over time, eventually move them from consideration to action.

Also, don’t be afraid to send follow-up emails to improve your response rates. The most successful outreach campaigns email multiple contacts multiple times. Download our 9 Email Templates to Engage Donors Year-Round to learn more about communication cadence and how to organically reach out to your community.

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4. Offer Next-Generation Payment Methods

Remove friction from the payment process by offering your donors multiple ways to give. Include the option to use digital wallets, ACH, or debit and credit cards to ensure that each person has a payment option they feel comfortable with.  

Each payment method has its own unique value, which is why it’s important to include all of them on your donation form. 

  • Digital wallets are great for peer-to-peer fundraising or organizations with a younger donor base. On the Classy platform, organizations see an 11-14% lift in conversion when digital wallets are enabled. For an organization with an average mobile conversion rate, this would equate to an extra $1,300 for each 1,000 visitors to its donation checkout page.
  • ACH increases recurring giving capture rates. The average monthly recurring gift made on the Classy platform with an ACH bank transfer, or Automated Clearing House processing, is 55% larger than the average recurring gift made with a credit card. In addition, monthly recurring donors who give via ACH are retained for 20% longer, on average, than donors who give via debit or credit card. 
  • Debit and credit cards feel like a safe and comfortable option. With a majority of our purchases happening online these days, donors are already familiar with this online payment process and oftentimes have their card information committed to memory. 

More payment method options allow donors to ultimately check out in the way they prefer.  

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5. Prioritize Your Page Load Speed and Performance

Short attention spans mean speed is more crucial than ever. A widely referenced study by the Aberdeen Group finds that on average, a one-second delay in load time leads to a 7% decrease in conversions.

the average page load time for classy pages is between 2.5 and 3 seconds

The performance of your payment processor is equally important. If a donor tries to make a gift and there’s an issue on the back-end, it’s a wasted effort. Make sure your donors are successful by offering the strongest technology.

Classy Pay is our seamless integration with Stripe that offers nonprofit customers low processing rates, automatic credit card updating, enhanced reconciliation, and powerful fraud protection. 

Learn More About Classy Pay Powered by Stripe

6. Optimize Your Page for Mobile

Everything from paying your bills to ordering dinner is now done on a cell phone, and we’re seeing that making a donation is no different. Across Classy, mobile devices drive 58% of total traffic to campaigns, 21% of total donations, and 27% of social media traffic. 

Classy campaign pages are automatically optimized for mobile. You can even preview what your page will look like on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device to ensure it’s ready to go.

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Your donation page is the most important form on your organization’s website, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to optimize it for conversion. When you prioritize these best practices and Classy features, you set yourself up to raise more money and amplify your impact. 


  • Be clear and concise when calling on your donors to give
  • Make the donation process as easy as possible with multiple payment options, mobile-responsive software, and fast page load speeds 
  • Customize your form with your organization’s typical logo, colors, font, imagery, and overall style to make it a natural extension of your website

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