Top Fundraising Benchmarks to Share With Your Nonprofit Board [SLIDESHARE]

By Jess Woloszyn
Published June 23, 2021
Reading Time: 4 minutes

When your work changes the world daily, your nonprofit board should see just how impactful it is. We’ve made it easier than ever to effectively showcase your performance with three easy steps and our latest fundraising insights.

Fundraising benchmarks help you elevate where your current strategy shines compared to peers in the sector. Present clear areas of opportunity with data-driven recommendations that lead your organization down a proactive path to success. 

The State of Modern Philanthropy 2021 deep dives into the latest fundraising data and actionable takeaways based on the performance of over 4,800 nonprofits. 

After you’ve soaked in the full report, use this SlideShare to easily and strategically elevate findings that align with your nonprofit board’s priorities.

Step 1: Understand the Common Priorities of a Nonprofit Board

  • Secure long-term financial stability: Ensure the organization is fiscally responsible with an appropriate budget 
  • Advance the mission: Align all activities and supporter experiences back to the organization’s goals and mission, with a high return on investment
  • Maximize fundraising efficiency: Confirm that every fundraising program and activity delivers the most substantial outcome for the input of costs, employee hours, and resources 

Step 2: Know Which Fundraising Benchmarks to Share With Your Nonprofit Board

Share these slides with your nonprofit board directly, and use our game plan in step three to bring thoughtful considerations to the table. 

Step 3: Present Compelling Recommendations to Your Nonprofit Board 

Fundraising Benchmark: ACH payments resulted in a 55% larger average recurring donation than a credit card payment.

NONPROFIT BOARD PRIORITY: Secure long-term financial stability.

RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: Elevate the value that an ACH payment option can have on your existing fundraising campaigns. Add this option to all donation checkout pages to allow donors to donate straight from their bank account. 

Share the impact that lower ACH processing fees and decreased risk of an expired credit card would make for your organization.

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Fundraising Benchmark: Of organizations that raise over $50 million online annually, the percent of revenue from recurring gifts increased from 26% in 2019 to 37% in 2020.

NONPROFIT BOARD PRIORITY: Secure long-term financial stability.

RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: Invest in recurring giving as the future of sustainable revenue for your nonprofit. Deliver creative ideas around how to build a program that lasts all year, offers new incentives to recurring donors, and attracts more supporters to your cause. 

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Fundraising Benchmark: Campaigns that leverage donation matching raise 3 to 5 times more than those that do not.

NONPROFIT BOARD PRIORITY: Advance the mission.

RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: Bring a donation match into campaigns throughout the entire year from various pools of matching funds. Get creative to support a greater sense of urgency among donors who give more due to their gift being doubled. 

Your nonprofit board might even be able to support some of your first donation matches if you’re just getting started or help you identify critical significant donors and corporate sponsors to elevate the impact of donation matching.

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Fundraising Benchmark: Four out of five donors to an individual peer-to-peer fundraiser page are new to the organization.

NONPROFIT BOARD PRIORITY: Advance the mission.

RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: Prioritize several peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns throughout the year that give supporters the tools and ideas they need to fundraise on your behalf and introduce new donors along the way, with less work on your teams.

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Fundraising Benchmark: An event typically raises 4.5 times more money when attendees fundraise on the organization’s behalf through registration with fundraising campaigns.

NONPROFIT BOARD PRIORITY: Maximize fundraising efficiency.

RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: Pivot events to include the opportunity for participants to fundraise, so they can create a greater significant financial impact. Activate event attendees to raise more and expand your audience.

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Fundraising Benchmark: When digital wallets are enabled, organizations see an 11-14% lift in mobile donor conversion rates.

NONPROFIT BOARD PRIORITY: Maximize fundraising efficiency.

RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: See where you can offer more flexibility in payment options like digital wallets to meet donors where they’re at. This option is something you can turn on once and continue to see an impact in every campaign you create for the future. 

As the world moves more to touchless payment options, your organization has the opportunity to get ahead of a modern donor experience that pays off.

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Show Your Fundraising Impact With Ease 

Use key insights from over 4,800 organizations, 46,000 active campaigns, and 9.4 million transactions to show your nonprofit board you’re prepared for anything the future holds. 

The State of Modern Philanthropy 2021 features the following benchmark data to measure your efforts against:

  • One-time (non-recurring) donation size
  • Recurring donation size
  • Amount raised by various campaign types
  • Amount raised by a peer-to-peer fundraising page

Take it to the Next Level With a Personalized Fundraising Analysis

Our free Benchmark Assessment applies The State of Modern Philanthropy 2021 findings directly to your organization’s fundraising results.

Receive an instant analysis to uncover new opportunities and present clear and actionable plans to your nonprofit board.

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