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Published April 7, 2015 Reading Time: 3 minutes

To achieve organizational success and growth, your nonprofit can’t just blindly ramp up its fundraising—you need to evaluate your efforts, understand donor interactions, and build a strategy to reach your audience. In other words, you must track and analyze data in order to understand how donors interact with your organization. From that data, you can better foster meaningful relationships.

With the right fundraising software, tapping this data can be quick and easy.

Classy’s new reporting makes it easy for your nonprofit to pull the data you need to improve your fundraising strategy. New timesaving tools and clean, intuitive design make it possible for every team member to generate reports easily, ensuring your staff captures accurate and understandable data. Here are three ways you can use the new reporting to gain powerful insights.

1. Generate Different Types of Reports

In order to monitor and improve your fundraising strategy, you need to track information about different donor segments. That’s why Classy’s new drop-down navigation makes it easy for users to quickly generate different types of reports about different subgroups. Whether you want to look at your recurring donors, peer-to-peer fundraisers, or anyone who has ever made a donation, it has never been easier to create custom reports for different cohorts of supporters.

Classy Reporting Fundraising Pages

In addition, the new reporting displays roll-up totals for key data points about different subgroups. These snapshots allow you to quickly evaluate your fundraising efforts without having to export an entire report and run equations for these numbers.

2. Filter Records Quickly

Searching for donor information just got easier. With Classy’s reporting, you can pull up donor data based on multiple criteria, from a specific campaign name to a donor’s payment method. Just select a date range, and apply the appropriate filters.

These filtering capabilities are pretty straightforward, but we’ve simplified the search process even further.

We’ve taken the most common search fields—such as supporters’ names, emails, or donation statuses—and pulled them into our timesaving “Quick Find” feature, making it much faster to find the records you want. Fill in this key information, and pull up records with just one click. In fact, our platform data shows that the Quick Find feature is used 10 times more than the advanced Filters.

Classy Reporting Quick Find Feature

3. Identify Donor Segments

Segmentation is a key part of personalizing your communications and building donor relationships. By splitting your contacts into specific lists, you can deliver targeted campaigns to different groups of supporters. Using the new reporting, you can use the data coming in straight through Classy to segment your donor base.

Enter the Supporters report. This report contains information about anyone who has ever interacted with your organization through the platform. By customizing your different filters, you can identify specific donor segments.

Classy Supporters Report

For instance, let’s say you want to learn who your new donors are this month, so that you can reach out to them personally and welcome them into your organization. Set your date range to the last 30 days. Then set your filters to “Total Donations,” “is greater than or equal to,” “1” (donation). Voilà—you’ve just pulled up a list of people who’ve made their first donation within the last month.

Tweak these filters to segment out your new fundraisers, large donors, power fundraisers and other groups of supporters.

Your ability to effectively generate and analyze data is critical to your organization’s success. The simple, intuitive design of Classy’s reporting makes it easy for all of your team members to build specific, powerful reports. It’s never been easier to gain the insight you need to optimize your fundraising strategy.

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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