Webinar: Google for Nonprofits–How to Turn $10K in Free Advertising Into Online Donations

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When I first heard about the ad grant, I was thinking, ‘How in the world does not every nonprofit know about this amazing grant from Google?’ Ten thousand dollars a month in advertising is such an amazing opportunity for every nonprofit.

Chandler Perog
Chief Marketing Officer at Community Boost Consulting

Free money? There’s no such thing. Yet in our recent webinar with Classy Certified Partner, Community Boost Consulting, a digital marketing agency, Co-Founder and CEO Cameron Ripley informs us that “Google is a caring company,” and that it’s in every qualifying nonprofit’s best interest to take advantage of this incredible grant.

Google Ad Grants awards advertising dollars to nonprofits so they can leverage online advertising on Google AdWords. In this webinar, Cameron Ripley and Chief Marketing Officer Chandler Perog outline Google Ad Grants tips and tricks gained from their years of experience working with organizations to expand their impact. Check out the full video on Google for nonprofits below to find out how to get up and running with your advertising grant as soon as possible.

For a sneak peek of what we learned, here are a few of our favorite tips.

You (Yes YOU!) Are Leaving Money on the Table

Based on their experience with clients, the Community Boost Consulting team found that nonprofits awarded $10,000 in Google Ad Grants per month can drive:

  • 5,000+ new website visitors
  • 3,400+ new email subscribers per month
  • 300+ volunteer applications per month
  • 450+ program inquiries per month

What’s the Catch? To Apply for a Grant, You Need To:

  • Be a certified 501c3 or have valid charity status outside of the U.S.
  • Have a live website
  • Not be backed by a large amount of government funding

Certain institutes are not eligible, such as governmental entities, hospitals, medical groups, schools, childcare centers, and academic institutes.

Cameron Ripley
CEO and Co-Founder

Not sure if you qualify? Google.com/grants has the full details about who they will and will not accept.

Is This Really Going to Impact My Bottom Line?

When you increase top of funnel traffic to your website, the results trickle down to increased conversions on your email subscriber and donation pages.

But the beauty of Google Adwords is that it’s not just casting your net into the great internet abyss and pulling in any visitor. It allows you to attract qualified leads through specific keyword research and ad spending. This means that the people who land on your page are likely the ones who will be genuinely interested in getting to know more about your work. And when you have more qualified visitors to your page, you’re bound to see your conversion rates skyrocket.

Take Wounded Warriors Home. They took advantage of Google Ad Grants in 2015 for the first time and saw incredible results. They increased their online revenue by 458 percent and online donors by 518 percent.

Google for nonprofits results for WWH

Serious Results

It doesn’t end there. Google’s monthly grant allows you to continue to use this ad spend to attract new community members. And that’s exactly what new visitors have the potential to become–lasting community members. After a Google advertisement brings a visitor to your site, you have an opportunity to nurture this person into an avid supporter.

Community Boost recommends that you refrain from appealing for gifts right away, and instead focus on growing your email subscriber list.

This will help you develop lasting relationships and provide each individual with tailored opportunities to engage with your organization. Perhaps they’re not in a position to donate now but would like to fundraise instead. Perhaps they’ll attend an event and eventually become a volunteer. As their relationship with your organization grows over time, these community members can ultimately become recurring donors and superstar supporters that help grow your organization year over year.

Google Ad Grants is not a short term fix for your donation problem. It is a long-term solution to help you create a systematic way to bring in new donors every single month.

Chandler Perog
Chief Marketing Officer

Proven Strategies for Success

Chandler also stresses that it’s up to each organization to use their advertising grant wisely to maximize its impact. In order to take full advantage of this opportunity, Community Boost outlines several pro tips that will help you create a strategic plan for your spending.

In the full Google for Nonprofits webinar below, you’ll get the nitty-gritty on:

  • How to use all $10,000 and why long-tail keywords are the key to success
  • How to use unique landing pages and email pop-ups to boost conversions
  • The best conversion design tools help to inform your strategy
  • How to use Classy in your Ad Grants strategy to encourage fundraising campaign participation

Watch Now for the Strategies You Need to Rock Google For Nonprofits

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