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Amply + Classy

Classy’s integration with the Amply Match Platform streamlines employer matching to maximize your fundraising. Amply is trusted by thousands of nonprofits to automate the process with a variety of integration options, tracking tools to engage donors, and the only solution with e-sign forms for donors.

Example of Amply gift matching dashboard
Example of Amply gift matching dashboard

Nonprofits use Amply + Classy to:

  • Simplify the donor experience. Donors can initiate a match at the time of their gift on your donation form or after on the donation receipt, offering them multiple, easy ways to engage.

  • Decrease their workload. The Amply Match Platform does the heavy lifting through e-processing and auto-reminders.

  • Maximize corporate fundraising. Nonprofits can increase their fundraising by 10% to 20% by streamlining matching from all the places they receive donations.

  • Centralize their matching. With over a dozen integration options, you’ll be able to track and engage with your donors in your CRM system.

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