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Google Analytics + Classy

With the Classy + Google Analytics integration, you can connect your fundraising campaigns to Google Analytics to make smarter decisions about how you attract and convert donors. Plus, this integration is available on all Classy plans.

Now Available: Native Google Analytics 4

Learn From Your Traffic

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track, analyze, and learn from your website traffic. It tells you how many people visit each page of your website and can offer tons of details and insights, such as what sources your traffic comes from and from which pages people exit your site.

Nonprofits use Google Analytics & Classy to:

  • Track conversions on Classy pages
  • Connect their fundraising campaigns to Google Analytics to make smarter decisions about how they attract and convert donors

Nonprofits are Increasingly:

  • Metric driven
  • Collecting, analyzing and acting on data
  • Using data to make decisions to execute their online fundraising campaigns

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