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Meta (Facebook) Pixel

Get the most out of your Facebook campaigns promoting a Classy campaign page. Add a Meta Pixel to your donation campaign pages to track, optimize, and measure Facebook performance.

Nonprofits use Meta Pixel + Classy to:

  • Sync conversion data from Classy campaign pages to Meta.

  • Optimize their Meta Ads for traffic and conversions.

  • Track conversions from Classy Campaigns promoted via Meta ads.

  • Measure effectiveness of ad campaigns.


How do I get the Meta Pixel added to my Classy Campaigns?

To add a Meta Pixel to your Classy campaign pages, reach out to our care team and send us your Pixel ID and the URL(s) for the campaigns you want to add your Pixel to. From there, you can track conversions from Meta ads, optimize them, and target audiences to drive more donations on your campaign pages.

Where does Meta pixel data show?

The data from your Meta Pixel will not appear in Classy—it is located in the pixels tab of your Meta event manager. Since the data is located on Meta instead of Classy, any questions about the data will be outside the scope of support from our Care Team. We recommend visiting Facebook’s guide if you have any questions.

What other Meta integrations does Classy have?

Classy also has a Meta Conversions API integration. Enhance your conversion tracking with server-side tracking.

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