A Smarter Way to Fundraise: Explore Classy’s Fundraising Intelligence Suite

Turnkey + Classy

Turnkey connects people and solves problems to help humanity. Turnkey believes the path to “how?” is through “why?”

Why do people behave as they do? Why is this important now? Why are we best positioned to make an impact?

The most successful nonprofits and NGO’s function as conduits through which their supporters change the world. Successful social good organizations that put the supporter first advance both the supporter’s mission and their own. Understanding why people behave as they do guides how Turnkey interacts with them.Award-winning digital marketing agency that helps nonprofits shine in the digital space, strengthening in-house teams and executing your vision.

Nonprofits use Turnkey:

  • Organizational alignment

  • Facebook / Social Media Fundraising

  • Fundraising strategy

  • Analytics

  • Recognition Planning

  • Acquisition & Retention

  • Speakers & Education

Classy Certified Partner

Classy Certified Partners provide a range of benefits to the Classy community, offering anything from integrations, apps & extensions, or web services. All Classy Certified Partners have been thoroughly vetted and given Classy’s stamp of approval!

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