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The fundraising landscape is evolving and today’s nonprofit requires modern and agile technology. Classy provides online fundraising software that empowers you to create beautiful, customized campaigns that tell your story, activate your community, and reach new donors. Never worry about clunky, outdated, and disconnected technology again. Find out why Classy is the preferred Blackbaud alternative.

Find out why Classy
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Why Nonprofits Choose Classy Over Blackbaud

Nonprofits typically compare the Classy platform to Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser and Luminate Online products. Here’s why organizations ultimately choose Classy.

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Lower Cost

  • Lower fees for implementation and migration
  • Fewer resources needed for custom design and development
  • Open API and third-party integrations strengthen your extensibility

"Switching to Classy enabled us to streamline processes and save time on reporting. As a result, we doubled our online donations within a year." Chicago Police Memorial Foundation

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Easier to Use

  • Maintain brand integrity using Classy’s Advanced Designer
  • Gain insight into your campaign's activity and health in the Classy Manager
  • Easily design campaign pages with clicks, not code

With images and text ready, you can build a campaign in less than 30 minutes on Classy. Try Classy for free

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Higher Conversion Rates

  • Higher than average campaign and checkout page conversion rates
  • All campaign pages are mobile optimized, not just responsive

On average, Classy’s online campaigns have a 28% conversion rate at checkout. Learn about online fundraising trends

“We saw a 437% increase in donation page conversions upon switching from Blackbaud to Classy.” The Salvation Army USA - Southern Territory Read the case study

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Modern Look and Feel

  • Meet supporters where they are with an intuitive, mobile-responsive experience
  • Create a donation and fundraising experience that matches your brand
  • Spin up beautifully branded fundraising pages and automated emails in minutes

Peer-to-Peer checkout page conversion rates range from 41-56% on Classy.

Online Fundraising Features That Will Change Your World

The Classy Fundraising Suite is a cloud-based online and mobile fundraising solution offering five best-of-breed products that cover all major online fundraising types. The Classy Fundraising Suite is underpinned by the powerful Classy Manager, a central hub for campaign and supporter management.

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4,000 Nonprofits Trust Classy With Their Fundraising

Make the Easy Switch

Switching to Classy can be seamless, and even empowering. Gone are the days of multiple third-party consultants and costly customization. Classy’s out-of-the-box platform scales to meet the demands of organizations of all sizes, enabling them to grow their online fundraising through point and click configuration. When looking to switch from Blackbaud to Classy, Classy provides the following services to help you hit the ground running.

Integration with Blackbaud CRM, Raiser's Edge, and Luminate Online through our network of trusted partners

Migration of historical transactions and members to support the donor experience

Recurring donation migration from Blackbaud Merchant Services


Classy makes it easy for nonprofits to manage and grow their online fundraising. Here are just a few of the many customers that choose Classy.

  • What are Classy’s transaction fee(s)?

    Classy's transaction fees can vary based on the plan you choose. Our team takes the time to get to know your organization and your fundraising initiatives, so that we can find a plan that fits your needs and budget.

  • What type of supporter management does Classy provide?

    Classy's fundraising suite is underpinned by the powerful Classy Manager. You can:

    • Get a 360-degree view of a supporter's giving and fundraising history
    • Manage one-time and recurring donations
    • Resend receipts
    • Ensure supporter information is up to date
    • Run custom reports and analysis
  • What CRM platforms does Classy integrate with?

    Classy's best-in-breed Salesforce integration allows you to pass all of your campaign, donation, and supporter data to Salesforce in near real time. In addition, Classy has a dedicated engineering team and roadmap specifically designed for the Classy for Salesforce integration, and we work alongside Salesforce every step of the way. Classy's partners have also built integrations with Raiser's Edge and HubSpot CRM using Classy's open API.

  • How complex is the Classy product?

    We know you're busy advancing your cause, and you don't have hours to spend struggling with software. That's why we've built a user-friendly platform that allows you to easily create beautiful fundraising campaigns, manage supporters, and access real-time results all in one place. If you have your photos and assets ready, you can have a Classy campaign up and running in about 30 minutes.

  • Can I migrate my recurring donors to Classy? If so, how does that migration work?

    Absolutely. We encourage you to migrate your recurring donors over to Classy for two reasons: a) it keeps all your online giving in one place, and b) our team focuses on the recurring donation attainment, retainment, and overall management. Our Professional Services team will partner with you along every step of the migration. We provide a template of the fields required for the migration, work with you to correct any issues with the data, and facilitate the re-tokenization process between Blackbaud Payment Services and our credit card token provider, TokenEx. Finally, we provide metrics on how those recurring donations are processing for the two weeks following the migrations.