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How to Get the Most out of Your Account Manager at Classy

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Published April 17, 2017 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Aside from a library of free resources and an all-star technical support team, Classy account managers are another important way a nonprofit’s team and expertise are bolstered when they become a part of the Classy community. As your main point of contact at Classy, they provide support around account-related questions, as well as strategic guidance. Their advice pulls from their experience observing how other organizations are successful using Classy.

We sat down with Classy account managers Justin Prugh and Barrett Frankel to understand how organizations can make the most of this valuable relationship. They share their advice on how to best leverage the account management team’s knowledge to boost your fundraising success.

About Your Account Manager

Whether you’re just getting started with Classy, or you’ve been a partner for years, your account manager helps you get familiar with the product’s continuously improving features. But beyond a basic introduction to those features, they also provide feedback around your online fundraising goals and tactics.

We help each organization bring their fundraising plan and fundraising campaigns to life inside the platform. We are here to share best practices and campaign examples.

Barrett Frankel

Classy account manager

Classy’s account managers have visibility into what other clients are working on and what’s helping them succeed. This perspective gives them unique insight, examples, and an ability to speak to best practices that will help you avoid common missteps on the road to success.

Meet With an AM in Person at the Collaborative

How to Make the Most of Your Relationship

To make sure you’re taking full advantage of your relationship with your account manager, we recommend you keep these three things in mind.

Start With Your Goals

When you set up time to chat with your account manager, it helps to bring your goals to the table.

Justin encourages the nonprofits he works with to send over any contextual information ahead of their call so that he can dig in even deeper and ensure your time on the phone is a productive as possible.

Even if you’re still creating your plan, bring your ideas. Your account manager can help you explore different options for moving forward so it becomes increasingly clear which shots to call.

Ask for Information

Whatever project your team takes on, your account manager can point you to resources that will get you to the next level.

You can think of me like a quarterback. I might not always know the answers to your questions but I can point you in the right direction. Classy has amazing resources and a world class customer support team.

Justin Prugh

Classy account manager

While account managers often share educational material, they’re also a perfect place to go for inspirational examples. Their close work with some of the most impactful organizations in the world means they have a wealth of campaigns at their fingertips.

Curious how you might mix up your peer-to-peer campaign or strengthen the sense of community among your recurring givers? Ask how other organizations are achieving the results you seek.

Prompt Them to Poke Holes in Your Campaign

Soliciting feedback is an important part of creating a fundraising strategy. Yet it’s also the most vulnerable. To really solidify your game plan, share your campaign with your account manager and ask them to poke holes in your strategy.

Use your account manager’s feedback to consider how you might improve certain aspects of your plan. This process, while potentially intimidating, will only ensure you walk away with a more thoughtful plan that leads to greater success.

People Who Care

When you partner with Classy, your account manager is invested in your success.

My favorite part of my job is chipping away at the world’s largest problems via a nonprofit that’s trying to do something good. Whether that’s on a local, regional, national, or international level, I feel a deep meaningfulness and gratification in my own life knowing that I supported a client and helped them achieve whatever goals that they have.

Justin Prugh

Classy account manager

I truly feel as though I’m leaving my thumbprint on so many organizations, playing a role— albeit a minute one—in the impact organizations are having in this world. When I worked in the nonprofit sector, my focus was solely on one organization at a time, with one mission, one vision, and one goal.

Working at Classy as an account manager has enabled me to share my knowledge with a myriad of organizations and have a much broader and, at times, deeper impact on making this world a bit better each and every day.”

Barrett Frankel

Classy account manager

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