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Announcing the Classy 100

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Published February 9, 2017 Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Here at Classy, we have the incredible opportunity to partner with social impact organizations of all shapes and sizes. Despite the wide array of causes they serve, the vast majority have at least one thing in common—a growth mindset. They want to do, serve, achieve, and impact more.

To celebrate this mindset and the growth of these organizations, we’ve assembled the Classy 100. This newly launched annual list reflects the top 100 organizations that grew consistently on Classy in the past year.

This is the third time we’ve released a list that recognizes our clients. In 2014, we announced our top 25 transacting clients; in 2015, our top 100; and in 2016, we geared up to reveal the Classy 100 in February 2017. We made this transition from recognizing top-transacting organizations to those that grew consistently because we believe growth mindsets are what lead to scalable impact.

The Growth Score

Classy 100 nonprofits are ranked by their growth score, which was calculated by Classy’s data science team. The score emphasizes consistent month-over-month growth on Classy, but also takes year-over-year growth and transactions into consideration as well.

Check Out the Growth Score Formula

The Classy 100

Ready to see the list and learn what these organizations did to succeed? Explore the Classy 100 list below and learn how you can apply similar growth tactics for your own organization.

Have any questions about the list? Get your answers here.

Classy 100

The Classy 100

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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