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SLIDESHARE: 9 Ways to Become a Conference Networking Champ

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Published April 28, 2017 Reading Time: < 1 minute

How many times have you left a conference with dozens of business cards, only to throw them away later? For a lot of people, this is the end result of their conference experience. They leave excited, but unsure about what next steps to take.

While conference networking may appear relatively simple on the surface, it can be a little overwhelming to understand who you should connect with. To help you develop a strategy that assuages any fear and sets you up for success at the conference and beyond, we created a slideshare full of helpful tips.

Based on our own experience hosting the Collaborative, the following key learnings are designed to help you frame your experience, identify the best people to meet with, and leave with a clear vision and sense of accomplishment.

If you remember only one thing about conference networking, remember to treat others as you would want to be treated. The beauty of a conference is that any conversation can blossom into a fruitful relationship for both you and the people you meet.

We have a conference coming up, and it’s going to be unlike anything else in the social sector. Put these tips to good practice by coming and networking with like-minded nonprofit leaders.

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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