Introducing Classy’s First-Ever Chief Revenue Officer & President and Chief Product Officer

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Today I’m incredibly excited to introduce two new members to the Classy executive team, Adam Aarons and Neena Gupta Needel!

Adam joins Classy from Okta, where he grew revenue from $1 million to over $300 million and then led them through a very successful IPO. He will be leading Classy’s sales and customer success management teams moving forward. Neena joins Classy from Civitas Learning—where she led the product organization—and HomeAway, where she helped steer the acquisition to Expedia for $3.9 billion. Neena will lead Classy’s product management and data insights teams moving forward.

One of our core values at Classy is to “Always Be Learning,” and I’m a firm believer that adding experienced people around you is one of the best ways to fulfill this value. Since our launch in 2011, our team has grown from a handful of scrappy founders to now over 250 amazingly talented people from every background imaginable, united under the mission of mobilizing and empowering the world for good. The additions of Adam and Neena to the Classy team only reinforce our commitment to this value and help set us up for the massive growth we see in front of us.

Ultimately though, the main purpose of building out our executive team by bringing Adam and Neena on board (and previously Carilu, our first-ever CMO, and Ron, our first-ever CFO & COO) is to serve our 4,000+ nonprofit partners even more effectively. We’re proud of the work we’ve done since we launched in 2011, but we know there’s still so much more to accomplish together.

Please join me in welcoming Adam and Neena to the Classy team!

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