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Published June 11, 2024 Reading Time: 7 minutes

Time is an invaluable asset for nonprofits, making it crucial to maximize efficiency and allocate more resources toward their core mission. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools, like ChatGPT and Classy’s AI fundraising tools, provide a game-changing solution by automating time-consuming tasks, freeing valuable hours to redirect toward meaningful work.

Whether automating donor data entry, generating predictive supporter insights, leveraging writing tools to elevate your reports, or streamlining administrative processes, AI-powered systems can handle these tasks with remarkable precision. This allows nonprofit teams to focus on what matters most: making a difference.

In this blog, we’ll explore 12 of the best AI tools nonprofits can use to streamline internal workflows, inform decision-making with predictive AI models, elevate marketing and brand messaging, and increase outputs in less time to propel their missions forward.

Plus, you’ll learn about Classy’s suite of AI and machine learning tools built to predict donor behavior, prescribe smarter fundraising activities, and drive more giving.

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What Value Can AI Tools Offer Nonprofits?

As alluded to above, the nonprofit sector often faces resource constraints and limited budgets, making it essential to maximize funds. Increased efficiency translates into cost savings and improved productivity, contributing to greater impact and scaled services.

For starters, nonprofit organizations often struggle to reach target audiences and stakeholders effectively and communicate their missions in a crowded digital landscape. This is especially evident now with Google’s new AI search experience taking effect. AI tools and machine learning can help address these challenges by analyzing large datasets to uncover audience preferences, behaviors, and trends.

Additionally, AI design and copywriting tools, like image generation and natural language content engines, can help take your brand to the next level. Do you struggle to build or optimize your nonprofit website? Have you ever experienced writer’s block when sending email appeals? Do you have a vision for your nonprofit logo but can’t get it onto paper? AI tools can solve these problems and more.

Although we’ve only just begun, this captures the sentiment that AI tools can empower nonprofits to do more with less. Let’s explore a few of the specific user-friendly tools your team can start leveraging today to strengthen your fundraising campaigns, increase your social impact, and raise more for your community.

12 AI Tools for Nonprofits to Help Amplify Output



AdCopy AI can help alleviate the stress of formulating ad copy for your fundraising initiatives and achieve your anticipated result in less time with fewer resources.

The tool’s AI is specifically for direct-response marketing and driving conversions. You can leverage high-speed autofill to generate and paste your copy into your ads manager and maximize its full customization capabilities to craft the perfect ad that reflects your cause.

If you’re interested in this functionality but less inclined to invest in a new tool or AI platform, most ad platforms have already built or started to build this into existing technology. Try researching whether your current ad platform has or is developing free in-engine AI-powered tools that can help you achieve similar results.


Buffer AI Assistant is a content creator’s dream, providing reliable social media management tools that help your nonprofit create content faster, run experiments, boost engagement, and repurpose social media posts with ease. Create personalized content for your target audiences and set nonprofit brand guidelines that specify your voice and tone to ensure consistency across social media platforms.

Plus, Buffer can assist with translating analytics, navigating comments, building customized landing pages, and generating ideas. There’s even a free plan for those getting started with social media and wanting to get comfortable with the basics. This option includes tools that assist with planning and publishing, generating landing pages, and implementing AI-powered optimizations.

Canva Magic Write

Magic Write, powered by OpenAI, is Canva’s AI text generator built to help you write faster and complete content creation tasks in seconds. This content generator can help your nonprofit write anything from social media captions and website copy to email appeals and blog posts.

Take advantage of Magic Write by entering a few keywords as a prompt. It’ll transform your prompt into high-quality content ready to tweak, refine, and make yours.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO can provide the workflow to boost your organic traffic, increase visibility, and improve rankings. This AI technology streamlines content creation by researching, writing, and optimizing your words to help your team create more and capture more traffic.

With Surfer SEO, your nonprofit can generate briefs, blogs, and annual reports, write and optimize content in any language, and ensure your writing is plagiarism-free. This is all with search engine optimization in mind—the key to navigating Google’s algorithms and sustaining healthy web performance.

Design and Digital Experiences


10Web AI Website Builder helps you build or recreate any website in minutes. Create a one-of-a-kind platform that meets your organizational needs and reflects your impactful work through content and images.

Start by answering a few simple questions about your organization, and the AI solutions will generate tailored content based on your responses. You can customize its outputs, add more pages, and complete your website with personal touches. The tool also offers widgets to Premium account holders that edit every design element of your website.

Adobe Generative Recolor

Generative Recolor is part of an innovative new suite of AI-powered capabilities powered by Adobe Firefly. Available through the Illustrator app, this tool is for designers and marketers to fine-tune their brand identity, adjust marketing materials, or generate fresh takes on past vector designs, illustrations, or assets.

Nonprofits can use Generative Recolor for any vector design. Personalize your work from the sample color palette prompts provided or enter your color palette prompt inspired by your brand. Whichever experience you try, your designers and volunteers will save time and resources on what used to be a tedious, manual task.


Framer AI offers a complete set of tools to design and maintain a stunning nonprofit website. Generate and publish your site with the power of AI in seconds based on the details you provide. Each section is a unique combination of layout, copy, and style to capture your brand story and communicate the impact of your cause.

Leverage Framer AI’s built-in copywriter to improve your site’s storytelling and calls to action, elevate your visual navigation to make it easier for potential donors to find their way around your site, and implement search engine optimizations to improve your site’s Google ranking. Plus, Framer AI automatically formats everything you create for desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Fullstory helps identify what’s working on your site—and what’s not—with data to inform smarter decisions. Use its proprietary automated-capture technology to see where and why users struggle with your website, identify root causes or opportunities for improvement, and practice continued optimization to scale your fundraising efforts and raise more.

After all, creating a unified digital destination is key to upholding a cohesive narrative across all channels, making it easier for donors to familiarize themselves with your organization’s mission, values, and impact. Plus, a poor user experience impacts loyalty and revenue, so finding ways to elevate the steps between acquisition and long-term retention is integral to fundraising.

Adobe Photoshop with Generative Fill

Generative Fill can support your nonprofit’s photo editing and art generation tasks, from simple retouches to expert-level refinements and help your team push its creative boundaries. Create, add to, remove, or replace image elements quickly within Adobe Photoshop with simple text prompts powered by Adobe Firefly’s generative AI.

Remove the microphone stand in a photo of your keynote speaker addressing fundraising event attendees or extend the background of an image your volunteer took while supporting crisis relief efforts. Although seemingly small touches, these elevations to your images can open the door to greater donor engagement.


Stockimg.AI helps nonprofits generate logos, stock images, illustrations, art, and more. With a base of over 1 million users, this AI tool has proven its ability to generate standout creations that consistently exceed nonprofit professionals’ expectations.

Need ways to represent your daily impact better? Create images with AI that help tell your story. Ready to launch a new recurring giving program? Leverage Stockimg.AI to generate a fresh logo that celebrates your recurring donor community. You can also create stock images for each impact block displayed on your Classy crowdfunding campaign.

Task Automation


Tango instantly turns any process into a beautiful, shareable how-to guide with cropped screenshots and visuals that lead the way. Instead of screen sharing to walk your newest volunteers through the back end of your nonprofit customer relationship management software, Tango can help save the time you would spend conducting that training by automatically creating an interactive walk-through and detailed templates anyone can understand easily.


Krisp improves the productivity of online meetings with its AI-powered meeting assistant tools. Are you tired of note-taking while your team discusses a new campaign idea or jotting down all the numbers discussed in your quarterly budget meeting? This tool’s automatic meeting transcription removes that barrier, allowing you to engage with your colleagues in real time.

Plus, we all know the pain of a lackluster online meeting when your co-worker’s dog barks over everyone or the echo of your office conference room makes it impossible to understand your manager. Krisp’s voice clarity tool includes background noise cancellation, call summaries, and more to elevate a better experience for everyone involved.

Bonus: Classy’s Fundraising Intelligence Suite

More nonprofits are leveraging AI solutions to segment donors, streamline fundraising, and personalize at scale. The problem? Most nonprofit AI and donor data solutions lack clear donor insights. Even when the donor data solutions provide insights, they don’t guide nonprofits on how to use them effectively.

Classy’s fundraising intelligence turns complex donor data into clear donor predictions and recommended next steps for fundraisers. Plus, AI is only as good as its data. Derived from the Classy and GoFundMe platforms, our insights span a community of more than 150M and $30B raised to date.

Intelligent Ask Amounts (Available Now)

Classy is helping fundraisers personalize their asks at scale by getting the right ask in front of the right donor. Through machine learning, visitors who arrive on a donation form will receive a personalized ask based on their unique giving history, with the intention of increasing the value of donations while providing donors with an easy, seamless giving experience.

So far, Classy organizations have increased their average donation size by 11% with Intelligent Ask Amounts, and we expect this impact to grow as our technology gets smarter with more adoption.

Intelligent Ask Amounts demo on a Classy donation form

Supporter Insights (In Development)

Imagine if your fundraising platform could scan your donor data and identify those likely to donate, become peer-to-peer fundraisers, or commit to monthly giving. Classy’s Supporter Insights goes beyond traditional donor scores and segmentation, predicting donor behavior and offering clear, donor-specific fundraising steps directly within the Classy platform.

By understanding donors’ giving potential based on their unique giving history and characteristics, fundraisers can spend less time manually segmenting and more time nurturing relationships.

Explore Classy’s Fundraising Intelligence Suite

Unlock Your Nonprofit’s Potential with AI Tools

AI tools hold immense potential for nonprofits to unlock time savings and cost-efficiency, elevate marketing strategies and brand messaging, and leverage predictive modeling to increase the value of each gift. By embracing these no-code technologies, nonprofits can maximize efficiency, amplify outputs, and propel their missions forward with a greater sense of purpose and effectiveness.

If your 501(c)(3) nonprofit is on a mission to raise more and do more this year, we encourage you to discover how Classy can serve as your fundraising partner. Request a demo to dive into the top features of our comprehensive fundraising platform or learn how Classy fuels nonprofits to achieve goals from our extensive library of customer stories.

Copy Editor: Ayanna Julien

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