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Published March 1, 2023 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Many businesses match employee donations to charitable causes through corporate matching gift programs. In fact, research shows that more than 65% of Fortune 500 companies participate in this type of charitable workplace giving.¹

And the trend continues, with more and more corporations offering nonprofit matching gifts each year. While it can be difficult to keep track of them all, keep an eye out for these top programs as your nonprofit considers future corporate giving initiatives.

1. General Electric

Minimum match amount: $25

Maximum match amount: $5,000

Match ratio: 1:1

Eligible employeesFull-Time and Part-Time 

Did You Know?

General Electric launched the first-known example of a corporate matching gift program for its employees in 1954. Since then, the corporation has matched more than $1 billion in donation revenue.

The GE Foundation matches gifts to most approved nonprofit causes. That includes kindergarten through grade 12 schools, higher education institutions, health and human services, art and cultural organizations, civic and community organizations, environmental organizations, and more.

Current employees looking to participate must submit their matching gift requests by April 15 of the following calendar year after making a donation.

Takeaway: Because GE offers a generous grace period for its request deadline, consider sending start-of-year reminders to eligible donors who have yet to submit their match from the previous year.

2. Coca-Cola

Minimum match amount: $25

Maximum match amount: $20,000

Match ratio: 2:1

Eligible employeesFull-Time and Retired 

The Coca-Cola Company matches employee donations to educational institutions, arts and culture organizations, environmental nonprofits, and other select charities.

One component of its program that makes Coca-Cola stand out is its generous 2:1 gift ratio. The company will match $10,000 worth of employee donations per employee (or retiree) each year at a 2:1 ratio. That means up to $20,000 of matches are available per employee annually.

To secure a company match, eligible donors should complete their matching gift requests by February 28 of the following calendar year after making the donation.

Takeaway: Be sure to emphasize that a matching gift enables Coca-Cola employees to triple their donations for your cause. This can be an even better motivator than the typical 1:1 donation match ratio.

3. Soros Fund Management

Minimum match amount: $25

Maximum match amount: $100,000

Match ratio: Up to 2:1

Eligible employeesFull-Time

Soros Fund Management LLC, the principal asset manager for the Open Society Foundations, offers one of the highest maximum-matching gift amounts at $100,000 per employee each year to qualifying organizations. This, fortunately, includes most registered nonprofits.

To qualify for a match, donors must submit requests for corporate funds within a year of the initial donation via the company’s online matching gift portal.

Takeaway: With such a lofty maximum match, make sure you identify any mid-size or major donors that work for this company. This is a great way to quickly double already-large donations.

4. Microsoft

Minimum match amount: $1

Maximum match amount: $15,000

Match ratio: 1:1

Eligible employeesFull-Time and Part-Time

Microsoft matches employee donations of time and money to US-based tax-exempt 501(c)(3) or international-equivalent public charities that meet Microsoft Philanthropies’ eligibility criteria and register with Benevity. 

These nonprofit organizations include educational institutions, health and human services, arts and cultural organizations, civic and community organizations, environmental organizations, and more. 

The 1:1 match of up to $15,000 has the potential to drive a major impact for all qualified nonprofits. Additionally, Microsoft matches volunteer time at $25 per hour. You can also purchase and donate items from the Microsoft Store or a company store. 

Donors can submit match requests for donations made at any point in the last 12 months. 

Takeaway: Carve out the time to register with BenevityMicrosoft’s giving service provider. Opportunities are also available with Benevity’s other corporate clients, creating connections to even more potential volunteers and donors. 

5. State Street Corporation

Minimum match amount: $25

Maximum match amount: $40,000

Match ratio: 1:1

Eligible employeesFull-Time and Part-Time

State Street Foundation, the charitable arm of State Street Corporation, offers a matching gift program that monetizes employee volunteer time, matches donations, and supports fundraising efforts to help serve local communities.

Eligible nonprofits for State Street’s donation matching programs include educational institutions, health and human services, arts and cultural organizations, environmental organizations, and more. Exclusions include religious organizations, political organizations, and active military causes.

State Street offers two different matching gift programs for employees:


GiveMore is State Street’s matching gift program that matches donations at a 1:1 ratio for most nonprofits.

Matching gift limits vary by role:

  • Board of Directors, CEO, President, Vice Chairs: $40,000
  • Executive Vice Presidents: $30,000
  • Senior Vice Presidents: $20,000
  • All other employees: $10,000

Donations made by spouses are only eligible for a match if both the employee and the spouse are joint donors. 


CollectMore is State Street’s matching gift program that matches an employee’s fulfilled fundraising pledges.

There’s a $10,000 annual combined limit for CollectMore matches for individuals below the Senior Vice President level. That cap counts toward an employee’s overall annual cap.

Takeaway: It’s critical to note that State Street Foundation awards nonprofit grants in addition to its matching program. Strengthening your relationship with this organization could offer a high return for matching and grant opportunities. 

Find Your Match: Discover Top Matching Companies

Double the Donation’s list of over 30 matching companies is a great place to start when identifying opportunities to raise more without sacrificing additional resources. 

While its list goes into much more detail, here are a few names worth highlighting: 

  • American Express
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Apple
  • Disney
  • ExxonMobil
  • Home Depot
  • IBM
  • Merck & Co.
  • Verizon
  • Chevron
  • Starbucks

Mobilize Your Donors to Make the Most of Matching Opportunities

One way to elevate your organization’s mission to companies offering matching gift programs is by inspiring employees to support your cause and submit matching gift requests. This simple act can put you on the radar of major for-profit businesses. 

Additionally, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a key pillar of many companies’ core business structures. Ensure your organization is widely known to capture the attention of these organizations seeking CSR initiatives. When businesses know who you are and what you stand for, it’s easy for them to seek you out to initiate a mutually beneficial partnership.  

Gain Direct Access to Corporate Philanthropy Opportunities With Classy

When you empower your nonprofit team with best-in-class matching gift technology, you can raise more for your cause without requiring additional time and effort. Double the Donation and Classy can help you do it. 

Through Classy’s partnership with Double the Donation, organizations can automate the matching gift process to inform more donors about available opportunities, follow up on match-eligible donations, and leverage a robust database with details on thousands of companies just like these.

Article Sources

  1. “Corporate Matching and Matching Gift Statistics [Updated 2023],” Double the Donation, last accessed February 21, 2023, https://doublethedonation.com/matching-gift-statistics/.
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