13 Buckets of Creative Fundraising Ideas to Inspire Your Campaigns

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Even if you knocked it out of the park last year, you can make next year even better. One of the best ways to keep a pulse on new and exciting techniques is to look around and take cues from neighbors in the space. Make a vow to always be learning to ensure your organization’s efforts remain relevant to donors.

3 Fun and Unconventional Fundraising Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Learn how to leverage humor, connect with the media, and beef up your social presence from these creative campaigns.

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16 Search Trends to Inspire Your Campaigns

Your organization should take advantage of things like the NFL season and spring break when it comes to fundraising campaigns. Here’s a look at Google search trends throughout the year that can help drive your campaign ideas.

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Draw Fundraising Ideas From Pop Culture

Pop culture can be a huge source of inspiration for exciting fundraising events. Check out these three examples of how nonprofits have leveraged trends and TV shows to raise money for their causes.

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44 Fundraising Event Ideas for Nonprofits and Charities

Sometimes you’ve got to get something off the ground, and fast. Consider fundraising ideas like quizbowls, gaming-for-good sessions, and pub crawls to engage donors quickly.

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3 Creative Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

Catch your supporters’ attention with different—and sometimes outrageous—fundraising ideas. Check out these three crowd favorites from years past from organizations who weren’t afraid to try something different.

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25 Creative Summer Fundraising Ideas

Turn your favorite summer activities into opportunities to give back. Whether you set up a beach volleyball competition or host a big pool party, you can use those summer afternoons to raise top dollars for your cause.

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21 Unique Fall Fundraising Ideas

From pie eating contests to rake-a-thons, this list of fundraising ideas has all you need to start brainstorming for next year’s fall fundraising events.

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How to Inspire Creative Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaigns

When it comes to attracting gifts and donors, your peer-to-peer fundraisers can be some of your most powerful allies. Empower them with fundraising ideas and show them they can create an event around just about any theme.

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3 Nonprofits That Nail Fundraising

Spice up your campaign appeals with these lessons from three different areas of focus: peer-to-peer fundraising, email marketing, and running an event.

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Getting Creative With Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Need some unique peer-to-peer fundraising ideas? Put a fun twist on your tried and true fundraising fare with these campaign themes.

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6 Fundraising Goals That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Don’t limit your creativity to just your campaign’s theme. Think outside the box as you consider what goals and key metrics to track, including these six objectives.

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Church Fundraising Ideas

Get ready to start engaging people outside of regular services. A modern variation on a classic church fundraising idea can be just what you need to kickstart donations.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Value of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Did you know the average peer-to-peer fundraiser collects $568 from just seven people?  Learn key insights and statistics about the value of peer-to-peer and how you can leverage its power.

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Make your next fundraising campaign your most successful one yet. For more ideas, explore our fundraising ideas resource center.



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