Introducing Crowdfunding: The First Addition to the New Fundraising Suite

By Matt Lackey
Webpage Builder
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We’re excited to announce the launch of Crowdfunding campaigns on Classy, the first campaign type to be part of an entirely reimagined Fundraising Suite. Over the last six months, the product team has been working on a huge effort to rethink the way organizations can set up, design, and run fundraising campaigns on Classy.

The goal? Enable you to convert more donors and keep them invested in your cause, all while saving your team valuable time and resources. With Crowdfunding, you’ll get a taste of the new Fundraising Suite’s core design and functionalities, which will eventually be released for all campaign types.

Starting with Crowdfunding campaigns, the new Fundraising Suite includes novel tools that enable you to create stunning, world-class campaign pages. Most significant for this purpose is a new campaign designer that’s maintains our reliable ease-of-use while unlocking an entirely new world of customizations.

The new Classy Fundraising Suite will continue to push the envelope on ease, flexibility, and cutting-edge design practices so your organization has the platform it needs to deliver a top-notch experience to supporters.

What’s New?

From a design perspective, the new Crowdfunding campaign is an instant style upgrade that requires no code or heavily lifting on your part. How?

The new campaign creation process includes:

  • Brand new landing page design so you can tell a beautiful, front-and-center story for every campaign or initiative
  • More opportunities to highlight your cause and purpose
  • Fine tune your campaign’s look and feel with built-in advanced customization options
  • Descriptive impact levels that encourage campaign visitors to convert into donors
  • Mobile-ready designs that wow on any device

The new look and designer aren’t the only things that are new.

Also included within Crowdfunding is the start of a brand new Classy project: a more robust email and engagement system.

Starting today, you can:

  • Customize all automated emails sent from Classy to your supporters
  • Stylize your new printer-friendly donation receipt
  • Write and send better-looking emails directly from Classy
  • Set a reply-to email address on all emails so important donor conversations can be had
  • Track metrics like send, open, and click rates on all emails sent through Classy

What’s Next?

We’ve always believed in the power of storytelling and the role design plays in a remarkable donor experience. Those experiences lead to more invested supporters. This has been our philosophy since day one.

As we build out the new Fundraising Suite and email tools, we continue to follow this belief. Over the course of the year you’ll be part of Classy’s New Fundraising Suite rollout. These tools are meant to make your fundraising efforts more successful, require less heavy lifting, and keep your supporters invested in your cause.

We are all excited to see what you create!

– Matt Lackey, Product Manager

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