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The Ultimate Donor Conversion Checklist for Nonprofits

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Published November 22, 2023 Reading Time: 4 minutes

As the year comes to an end, nonprofits enter their most critical fundraising phase: the year-end giving season. During this impactful period, converting potential donors into committed supporters can make or break a nonprofit’s ability to deliver on annual goals.

Based on findings from Classy’s annual report, The State of Modern Philanthropy, we’ve organized a comprehensive guide to crafting strategies that will not only define your year-end success but also lay the foundation for sustained philanthropic impact.

Learn how to empower your community to take action through user-friendly donation processes that result in greater levels of online giving. And if you prefer a PDF checklist, we’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Encourage Event Attendees to Give

Lock in the high conversion potential of seasonal fundraising events by giving attendees an incredible experience. With thoughtful planning, you can encourage generosity before, during, and after your fundraising event.

checkbox Offer Event Attendees Multiple Ways to Give

Start Your Event with a Streamlined Registration Process

  • Provide various ticket types to appeal to any registrant. This may include group, individual, VIP, early-bird, or general admission tickets.
  • Share promotional discount codes to drive registration spikes.
  • Include donation and registration buttons on your fundraising event donation site.
  • Give donors an option to fundraise to cover registration costs for your special event. Mobilize them to achieve success by setting up branded peer-to-peer fundraising pages to use.

Pro Tip
According to our State of Modern Philanthropy report, events with peer-to-peer fundraising have the second-highest conversion rate (40%) of all campaign types. In this instance, a conversion represents a donation transaction or a registration to an event.

Drive Donations on the Day of Your Event

  • Partner with local artists to offer various items to bid on.
  • Encourage direct donations by promoting fund-a-need items.
  • Call on first-time and recurring donors to support specific research, projects, or goals.
  • Sell additional fixed-price items or merchandise online or on-site to boost your fundraising efforts.
  • Prompt online donations through a text-to-donate appeal at key event moments.

DID YOU KNOW? Over 92% of virtual and in-person fundraising event attendees are likely to donate in addition to any registration or participation costs.

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checkbox Remind Event Attendees Why Their Contributions Matter

Provide Tangible Reminders of Progress toward Your Goal

  • Elevate communities you serve in event signage.
  • Tap into your audience’s emotions with inspiring speeches from industry leaders, staff, or beneficiaries.
  • Encourage supporters, staff, and volunteers to initiate meaningful conversations with fellow attendees, whether in person or through virtual breakout rooms.

DID YOU KNOW? Ticketed events bring in the most donations above $1,000 compared to all other campaign types.

Step 2: Create a Simple-to-Navigate Checkout Experience

Ensure donors bypass all possible barriers to conversion once you catch their attention. We’ll show you how to reduce points of friction by streamlining your checkout flow.

checkbox Simplify Your Donation Page for Increased Donor Engagement

Keep It Clear and Concise

  • Stick to minimal form fields, gathering only necessary information.
  • Offer suggested donation amounts to guide donors’ decisions.
  • Provide clear guidance with FAQs and instructional text.
  • Ensure donors can complete their gifts from any device.

Pro Tip
Over 50% of traffic to any campaign type on Classy comes from a mobile device, and events with peer-to-peer fundraising see the most mobile traffic (67%).

checkbox Greet Donors with Flexible Payment Options

Deliver on Donors’ Preferences

  • Toggle the Digital Wallet option on in your Classy Manager payments portal for customers using Classy Pay.
  • Provide an ACH bank transfer option to double transaction sizes.
  • Give donors an option to select their preferred gift size.
Why Diverse Payment Methods Help Activate New Donor Generations

Step 3: Establish a Predictable Revenue Stream with Recurring Giving

Convert recurring donors to secure sustainable revenue and safeguard your ability to plan for the future. Let’s look at what drives repeat donations and how to unlock them.

checkbox Highlight Recurring Gift Options on Every Donation Page

Make Recurring Giving the Obvious Option

  • Tell the story of what each recurring gift allowed you to accomplish.
  • Share the value of extending a one-time gift into a recurring membership.
  • Encourage higher gifts with an ACH bank transfer option.
  • Tailor appeals with your most popular frequencies and gift amounts.
7 Ways to Boost Recurring Donor Acquisition at Your Nonprofit

Fuel Ongoing Conversion with Top-Tier Technology

The outcome of this year-end season will shape nonprofits’ ongoing ability to enact meaningful change. In this pursuit, leveraging cutting-edge technology is critical. That’s where Classy’s fundraising platform shines.

Flexibility in the Classy platform enables us to test, iterate, and execute new fundraising strategies.

Mary Beth Healy

Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at Capital Area Food Bank

Engineered for conversion, Classy amplifies the impact of year-end campaigns while setting nonprofits on a course for sustained success. As you navigate the philanthropic landscape, let Classy be your ally, ensuring your mission gets heard and embraced and catalyzes lasting change.

Copy Editor: Ayanna Julien

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