4 Facebook Groups That Make You a Better Nonprofit Professional

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Ellie Burke
Ellie Burke

The modern day chat room, Facebook groups are convenient places for nonprofit professionals to convene and discuss the nuanced challenges of work in this sector. In a few quick moments, you can solicit the advice and opinions of your peers and weigh inputs before you move forward.

Join the following Facebook groups to learn from the experience of other professionals and share best practices of your own. When we surface new tools and tactics, and exchange advice and key learnings, the entire industry advances.

1. Nonprofit Happy Hour

An extension of popular nonprofit humor blog, Nonprofit AF, Nonprofit Happy Hour is an “international peer support group.” Organizer Vu Le serves as the executive director of Rainier Valley Corps and encourages online participants to embrace the lighter side of their work.

With nearly 30 thousand members (or unicorns, as Vu would say) the group is one of the most active nonprofit professional forums on Facebook. Individuals constantly share nonprofit management best practices and solicit advice from each other on a wide range of topics.

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2. Nonprofit Communications Professionals

While on the smaller side, this group is also lively. Founder Caroline Sanchez Avakian comes from the social enterprise space. She also founded SourceRise and is the managing partner of Socialbrite.

Her support group promotes learnings about nonprofit communications and uses a loose schedule to organize discussion. For example, while you can ask questions and post any day of the week, Tuesdays are when the group digs into particular topics.

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3. Thriving Nonprofit With Joan Garry 

Another popular place to ask nonprofit questions and find a mentor, this group hosts regular discussions on everything from starting an organization to managing events.

Creator Joan Garry is currently a nonprofit consultant. She formerly worked as the executive director of GLAAD and co-chair of President Barak Obama’s LGBT Finance Committee.

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4. DIY Nonprofit Visionaries 

Established by Victor and Angela Myles, or “The MYLES | FACTOR,” this nonprofit consultant duo aims to share knowledge with nonprofit professionals, leaders, and pastors.

Dubbed “visionaries” by Victor and Angela, participants post their questions and often receive responses from not only their peers, but directly from experts Victor and Angela.

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An invaluable way to learn in the nonprofit space is to consult your peers for their individual experience. Facebook groups make it possible to poll hundreds and even thousands of people just like you, tackling similar problems.

Do you have a favorite place to go for professional advice? Let us know your favorite haunts in the comments below.

  • VickiMae

    Fun list! I actually didn’t know about Nonprofit Communications Professionals; gotta join that one now! There’s also an offshoot of NPHH, for consultants, called Nonprofit Consultants Happy Hour (aptly). I also started Heart-Centered Nonprofit Warriors for NPO professionals and volunteers who are looking to build community, resilience, and fundraising skills. We’ve only been active since June, but nearly to 300 members already!

  • Angela Lewis Myles

    Ellie thank you so much for including our nonprofit group DIY Nonprofit Visionaries on the list, we were totally surprised to see so many new members joining today. Honored to help our nonprofit visionaries bring impact to their cause!

  • Jon Conyers

    If you don’t mind a wee bit of self promotion, there’s also my blog with Sarah Murdock — Nonprofit Apocalypse — https://www.facebook.com/Nonprofit-Apocalypse-1312545555458286/ which is a compilation of stories, fabrications and otherwise dark and playful musings of two veteran nonprofit warriors waiting for their mission without an army.

  • VERY cool list. I was in two of them, but didn’t know about the other two. I started my own off-shoot months ago for nonprofit professionals who want to share and talk about content (blogs, articles, webinars) – it felt like lots of these pages frowned on links to articles, etc. And I wanted to create a space that welcomed it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NonprofitInfoShareNetwork/ – And it’s been a fun place to learn more from what other people love to read and experience.

  • Beg to differ on Thriving Nonprofit group. I joined and over two weeks posted two polls (one related to board challenges experienced by ED/CEOs and the other about social enterprises as sources of raising funds). Polls ARE allowed according to group rules and hundreds of people responded to them. The results were pretty interesting and the polls got likes and comments. Then (big surprise) I was told by the moderators that the polls were “inappropriate”. I asked WHY? and was told that the polls were assumed to be in self-interest … yeah … I WAS interested that is why I posted them, but was not selling or promoting anything. Very odd indeed.

    Just beware that this group is really a promotional tool for Joan McG (moderated by a guy who does digital marketing, including of her most recent book). While there is nothing at all wrong with that, they will tell you the group is to “help” nonprofits. The first pinned post is for people to join Ms. McG Leadership Lab (not sure what the cost of that is??).

  • Simone Joye

    Great article. There’s also Nonprofit Jobs – https://www.facebook.com/groups/175243222945764/ and the “Nonprofit Pros” group for the National Association of Nonprofit Professionals (NANPP). https://www.facebook.com/nonprofitpros/


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